Hospital Stay with Lucas

Hospital Stay with Lucas 1

All I can say is I hate seeing my children sick. I hate that people let their kids go to school sick and spread the germs. Those germs entered our home and despite doing everything I could, I knew my little Lucas was not staying hydrated.

Tuesday night, my husband and I made the decision it was time to head in to the ER. I drove to Blank Children’s hospital, wanting a pediatric facility to provide him the best and most comfortable circumstances considering he’s only 2 and felt miserable.

I was so thankful that when we arrived at the hospital, we were immediately brought back to a room, no waiting for hours on end like going to a regular ER. The doctor was in within a matter of minutes and wanted to get an IV going to give his tummy a rest. As I prepared to have to fight a baby that wouldn’t want to get an IV obviously, I found myself crying even more seeing  just how worn out he was from being sick and that there wasn’t a fight at all getting the IV. We snuggled up together and let the fluids start doing their work.

Lucas Hospital - 1

After an hour of fluids, his dirty diapers were back to back within minutes of each other. We still weren’t keeping up. Despite the Pedialyte at home, his numbers showed he was dehydrated. When the doctor came back in, I heard the words no parent ever wants to hear but I did not fret as I knew it was what we needed to give his little body a rest. We were being sent upstairs to be admitted.

Being exhausted from being sick and everything going on, Lucas clung to me like Super Glue. I knew he was scared and held him for the rest of the night until morning so he knew he was safe and that Mommy was going nowhere. We were in isolation protocols at the hospital, which meant there was no leaving the room for Lucas.

A plan was made the next morning to let him try eating around noon and see how it went for his tummy. As he grew restless and we waited for his lunch, he turned his head to see Grandma walking in the door and back came the sweet giggles of my Lucas. There was another face in the room finally besides Mommy to give him some extra attention.

Lucas and Grandma eating

 As the day went on, Lucas would still not let me out of his sight. When he fell asleep for a nap, he woke up extremely irritated and even my cuddles could not calm him down. One of the residents had heard him and told me that if it continued, it could mean another night to ensure nothing else was going on.    🙁 

I found myself asking for any thoughts of healing for Lucas but prayers for myself and the strength to keep doing what I needed to do, hold it together and advocate for my son.

After a second nap and cuddling with Mommy, Lucas woke up better and we started seeing hints of that happy Lucas I knew. His IV was turned off (but still in) so he was able to move around the room without being attached to an IV pole.

We had somewhat prepared already for the 2nd night of staying in the hospital and got ready for dinner and our nurse brought a play mat into the room with tons of toys to try having some fun playing. It had to be somewhat fun not having to fight with twin brother right??

Lucas devoured his dinner, and even went after some of my own meal. I was able to put Lucas in some of his own pajamas from home and before I knew it, Lucas was exploring the entire room, trying to find what he could play with next. He was finally being my funny little guy!


While it became late in the night Wednesday, a doctor came in to tell me that the latest lab work had been AMAZING. WE COULD GO HOME. With the help of our night nurse, we were able to make a plan to get Lucas distracted while Mom warmed up the car and carried our bags downstairs.

We still have some illness in our home and I still went ahead with my surgery Friday but we are home and I am thankful for all that sent prayers to get my little boy home.

Thank you to the staff at Blank Children’s Hospital for going above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of and providing amazing quality care for Lucas.

Parents, never doubt your instinct.

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  1. What a little trooper. I think seeing your baby that sick would have to be so scary for a parent. But, oh he looks so adorable in that last photo. I hate when parents don’t keep their sick selves or kiddos at home. Keep your germs to yourself, peeps!

    1. Agreed! I was so mad that I knew exactly where it came from. With the twins being preemies, I always worry. We pretty much hide out and don’t go very many spots during Winter. I guess I can’t avoid that now with two siblings in school!

  2. It’s always scary seeing our little ones sick. Makes us feel so helpless! Glad you got to bring him home and he’s feeling better. 🙂

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