Chris Dorner is NO hero

Chris Dorner is NO hero 1

I never thought I would write a post such as this but it’s truly bothering me. There are pages on Facebook calling Dorner a hero and completely idolizing this man’s actions.

While many question the validity of what happened while he was employed by LAPD, the moment he took an innocent person’s life destroyed any and all credibility. You do not make your argument by murdering others. That would be as if saying a serial killer was trying to get a point across.

“They made him snap.”

No one makes you snap. YOU choose the choice you make. While there are many signs of mental issues going on amongst this deranged man, he took the time to write out a manifesto, and meditate his crime. He did not act on a whim, he planned and thought out each step he would take. He knew exactly what he was doing and made sure to cover every step possible.

If each and every one of us let our past or what others have done to us control the decisions we make, we’d all be in prison or dead.

Christopher Dorner is a cold-blooded killer. There are no excuses for him. He is responsible for the murder of innocent people. I do not feel an ounce of sympathy for this now dead man. He then took a cowardly way out instead of facing his actions.

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  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’ve even seen people call him a “True American” and it makes me a little sick to my stomach. Corruption or not, the man was a self appointed executioner. Was the house fire the best course of action? Of course not. In a perfect scenario he would have stood trial. The officers who opened fire on civilians need to be handed over to Internal Affairs as well. But none of this exonerates Dorner.

  2. I agree with you,no matter what happened,he didnt have the right to kill or harm anyone else,thats what the court systems are for

  3. “If each and every one of us let our past or what others have done to us control the decisions we make, we’d all be in prison or dead.”

    You hit the nail on the head there sister. I dont know the details of this (we have only had the cruiseline crap on tv for days) but regardless – no one “makes you snap” and even so, we should all be 100% responsible for our actions. Period. I have made some ENORMOUS mistakes… and taken responsibility for them ALL. No matter what. It’s called integrity.

  4. People who sympathize with a killer are just as deranged and the murderer.

    I know first hand that there is unchecked corruption in the LAPD, so I don’t really doubt what Dorner says happened to him. However, using that as the impetus for a murderous rampage FIVE YEARS after the fact is a sure sign of a sociopath. This would never have resulted in his name being cleared, no matter how it played out.

    He did not just target the actual persons he felt were responsible for his career loss, but their children and spouses as well. The two officers that he did murder had NOTHING to do with the LAPD or his firing. Now, four young children are without dads that everyone says were wonderful, caring men and their wives lost their loves.

    The manifesto absolutely showed severe mental illness and sociopathic personality disorder. But some idiots on Facebook think he’s a hero. WTF? This is what happens when kids are brought up to never know what it means to lose and without any teaching that will help them deal with the disappointments life always brings. Life is unfair. Learn to deal with it and then move on.

  5. I agree with you 100%. I don’t know how anyone could think what he did was right. It is a sad situation. I personally think he had issues to begin with.

  6. I agree, there are no excuses to what he did. He killed people. Doesn’t matter what he was going through, he is still a murder 🙂

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