Get in Shape for Summer

Warm weather is FINALLY here and I have been trying to get outside as much as we possibly can. The girls love being able to get out, run around, climb the jungle gym at the park, or just kick a ball around in the grass.

Being cramped up all winter has made it a lazy winter for me and now I know I want to get in shape for summer. I’m worn out and shouldn’t be. My goal is to lose about 15-20 lbs. so I can be in tip top shape and ready to go for any trips we might take this summer! The girls loved going to the swimming pool last summer so Mommy needs to look a bit better for that swimsuit and I’d love to be able to go in one of the 5k Runs this year.

Get in Shape for Summer 1

Something that has been discouraging is how expensive some fitness and exercise prices can be. It adds up trying to get the gym memberships, healthy foods, and so forth so I’m doing everything to find money saving ways as well. I found a huge list of athletic sports coupons worth checking out.

Do you have goals for this summer? Are you like me and ate a bit too much Winter Holiday food?

Overall my goals are:

  • Drink more water to keep myself hydrated
  • Get back into a jogging routine
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables (can’t go wrong with salads, right?)
  • Lose 15-20 pounds by June or July

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