The Twins Two Month Update

The Twins Two Month Update 1

I can not believe our little guys have been here over two months. Last week, they had their two month well child appointments and man oh man, are they growing like weeds!

The Twins Two Month Update 2

Weight 12 lbs. 14 oz.
Height 22 3/4 inches

Weight 12 lbs. 2 oz.
Height 22 3/4 inches.

While they are awesome weights and heights, because of them being born premature, they fall low in the growth percentiles which seems somewhat silly to me.

Last week, I posted on my Facebook as both boys HATE laying flat on their backs. We have them usually laying in their car seats or the Nap Nanny. While I’m okay with the Nap Nanny, I want them broken of this habit of only being able to “Calm” in the car seat.

One thing that worried me is Lucas laying his head prominently to one side. Even with me putting something bright on one side or even myself to the other side…his head would rather go to that side. He will still move it around but if he’s laying down, he wants to lay his head to his right side. After mentioning it to our doctor, he called back asking me to bring Lucas back in. Because of how his head is “molding” on that side, it was recommended that we go ahead and start physical therapy to nip this right now. He did not specifically diagnosis it as Torticollis but he did refer to it. I am waiting to hear back from Early Access to see if physical therapy can be done in home as the closest place our doctor knew of being able to take on this would be at a children’s hospital over an hour away.

We’ve been taking the boys outside as the weather allows and they definitely are intrigued by the noises they are hearing. It’s so nice to be able to be getting outside again!

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  1. My daughter who is now 10 had torticollis. We took her to the chiropractor & it took 3 treatments & it was completely gone. She has had no long term effects.

  2. They are so adorable and I’m surprised that they are considered small. They look so big and healthy for being preemies and only 2 months old! I hope the therapy works out for Lucas and that you are able to do it at home.

  3. The boys are adorable. I am so glad they are doing well. I’m sure the little head turning issue will get resolved 🙂

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