Wordless Wednesday:Before and After Pics #linky

Wordless Wednesday:Before and After Pics #linky 1

Last week, I had the chance to be a hair model for The Salon in Ames. I am one of those people always willing to do something fun and new with my hair (uh hello, you can change it-why not!?) so when I saw a call for models on Facebook, I figured why the heck not. Now, I was a little nervous when I was told you must be willing to let them do anything to your hair. Well, my hair is short to begin with so that part made me nervous 😛

I didn’t do my typical makeup before I left for the day knowing they’d be doing my makeup for the event.

Wordless Wednesday:Before and After Pics #linky 2

And without further ado…….

Wordless Wednesday:Before and After Pics #linky 3

Wordless Wednesday:Before and After Pics #linky 4

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    1. Yup! You can do the lay it flat or of course, I like to blow dry it and get some volume going 🙂

  1. I like the after pictures but I LOVE short hair and that is my preference but it doesn’t really matter what I think. LOL.

  2. I love love love your new cut. I know you didn’t like the clothes they put you in but I think it is a pretty look, too!

  3. that hair cut is SO you! It has sass and attitude 🙂 You really pull off the short hair do like 10x better than I ever could. LOVE it Jenna!

  4. Love the cut and color! I just got about 6 inches cut off my hair. I knew I wanted it shorter and talked with the stylist and pretty much let her do what she wanted. I was SO nervous but I love it!

  5. Wow, wow, wow, WOW!

    I absolutely adore it — so sassy, edgy and FUN.

    You look fantastic!

  6. Whew – hot mama! I think the new cut and color looks great on you. Plus it’s going to be SOOO much easier to handle with you new little men taking most of your time these days! I think they did great on the makeup too – not too much but accenting your great features just perfectly! What a fun thing to participate in – did you love it?

  7. I love it Jenna. I think it fits so you well and am very jealous that I can’t pull off this look. My hair makes my face break out so I wish I could lol.

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