ReUseIt Network-Don’t Just Throw That Away!

Have you ever been cleaning through your house and just start throwing stuff away you don’t want anymore?
What if you could give it away to someone that could use it again? Maybe you cleared out the bathroom and still have half bottles of a shampoo you didn’t like or even a face wash you never really touched. Maybe you have a ton of kids clothes that just won’t get used again.

Check out The ReUseIt Network.

What is ReUseIt?

The ReUseIt Network is an on-line forum that serves as a tool to make connections between community members who want to help each other, themselves, and their environment. In a disposable society where many items are discarded long before they have actually outlived their use, The ReUseIt Network helps get things from people who have them but don’t want them to people who want them but don’t have them.

Our goal is to find new uses for unwanted items that would otherwise be thrown into the trash. The primary benefit is that it reduces the amount of reusable items that end up in the trash with a secondary benefit of reducing the overall amount of items thrown into landfills. Reusing items not only cuts down on goods in landfills, but also helps reduce the strain on our natural resources by keeping useable items in circulation, reducing the need to manufacture additional goods.

The ReUseIt Network also provides an opportunity for those looking for an item to ask for it. Requests for items may jog the memory of someone who has an unused item stashed in the garage or basement waiting to be used. It is a great way to help get rid of those things which we may have forgotten, giving every member the chance to ReUseIt! All transactions must be free, legal, and family-friendly.

ReUseIt Network-Don't Just Throw That Away! 1

Members of a local group can “Offer” items they no longer need or use as well as post a “Wanted” on certain times to request something they are in need of. Overall, it is ultimately a win-win. You can clear out that clutter in your house and someone else gets something they want.

There are groups located almost everywhere-even reaching out into local groups in Australia. Can’t find a local group for your area? Why not START ONE! The process is easy and ReUseIt team members will walk you through each and every step.

In my area, you can check out the Story County Iowa ReUseIt.

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  1. I have a whole new understanding to not being wasteful. In Germany (where I lived for 6 months), we separated ALL of our trash into 4 bins for pickup. Nearly everything there is recycled. The U.S. is a little behind the curve. As far as other goods are concerned (the old foosball table, etc), donations to youth organizations are also a great place to “purge” for a good cause.

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