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Being a Mom is already tough work. When you are chasing children, making appointments, and running a household it gets hard to take time for yourself, including the chance to exercise.

Thanks to Sane Fitness, now you can find the time to exercise with the Sane Fitness Cards! The QuickStart Cards breaks down simple exercise routines that don’t take alot of time but still help increase your fitness. You can find exercises to condition one key area or you can do various cards to work on your entire body. These full-body workouts are best when you work out three times a week (for less than an hour) for six weeks. With the three sets included, you can break down a workout routine that is perfect for you and your needs.
Stay Fit With Sane Fitness 1
Still want to stay fit while pregnant right? Sane Fitness also offers the preggers workout kit! These workout cards are perfect for Mom-to-be and adapted for the appropriate exercises to keep you staying active during your pregnancy. Included in the Preggers Workout Kit are eight different workouts. Of course, make sure your OB is okay with you exercising during your pregnancy.

Be sure to check out the Sane Fitness website! Not only will you find all these great products but also great fitness tips and be sure to sign up for their e-mail to get the latest fitness product and tip updates!

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