Is the room done spinning?

Is the room done spinning? 1

Last week was nuts.

Not only did we have site issues and end up switching our hosting but, my getting sick from the girls ended up being bronchitis. At one point, I ended up in the ER with what I found out was an asthma attack and had to have a nebulizer treatment. That was not fun as everytime I would take a breath, it would just shoot down my sternum. I couldn’t take a full breath in and it just felt like my lungs were shaking everytime I’d breath.

As I was getting home from the ER, my site had been in the process of transferring hosting.

Today, I had a follow up. I’m still not back to 100% healthwise and had to have a chest x-ray today. I still have some issues going on but it looks like I SHOULD be getting better.

I’m here! And thank you for those that have been understanding. I truly appreciate it.

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