Another SI Joint Injection=More Pain

Bruising from SI Joint Injection

I do not know why I agree to let the doctor do this, especially knowing how I hurt the first time around. I am know three days post-injection and I am regretting once again allowing the doctor to give me the “Let’s see if this will work”. My leg is burning, my hip joint feels as if it’s just grinding together and I am miserable. SI joint injections suck. I bruised worse than before, and I flat out feel like a wimp at this point.

Bruising from SI Joint Injection
Bruising from SI Joint Injection

I don’t know what to do 🙁 I don’t know if it’s worth it to try calling doctor again and being told “Let’s try _____” when it comes to large needles being stuck in my back and joints. While they are playing with what to do with this hip issue, my shoulder and neck sit frozen, locked up full of trigger points.

When you just moved and you have stairs in your home, when you have a bum leg, it’s very discouraging.

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  1. ((((Jenna)))) My sister gets injections in all of her trigger points for her Fibromyalgia. She’s been getting them off an on for the last couple of years and each and every time she bruises but as she’s said she has learn to deal with the bruise and pain from them because they are short lived and help her in the long run.

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