So what’s next.

So what's next. 1

Last week when I followed up with my doctor after the crap Mary Greeley put me through, she decided to try some trigger point injections where she is allowed to. While it helped for that specific area, I think I became more aware of how much my neck and shoulders truly spasm.

After talking a bit with an ER nurse at Story County Medical Center (she is seriously a god send), I might have traced back some of my issues.

Before I knew I was pregnant with Kelsie, I was in a pretty OUCH car accident. My car was destroyed. I hit a deer head on that shattered my windshield, threw me into the side guardrail, and then back into the ditch median on the highway. While I was stunned, I did not have insurance at the time so I refused to go to the hospital. I was 19 and just had my car destroyed, I didn’t need “health care” I need money for a new car, right? Ha. Ever since that time, one of my WORST knots has been in my left shoulder. It gets so tight, I could probably compare it to someone trying to push up against bone. I’ve had several people attack the thing and it seriously comes back. I never sought care and since that time, it’s just gotten progressively worse.

Some that I have read has told me fibromyalgia can come to the surface after extreme stress, trauma, etc. That may have been the start.

Tomorrow, I follow up with the doctor that has been fighting to get me taken care of. She does her best and I know she’s doing whatever she can but the thing that matters most-SHE LISTENS. She doesn’t try to rush me out the door, she gives me options and we discuss it. I have also set up an appointment again with Neurology to see what the next steps are. I need something for pain control but I would rather avoid “pain killers” at all costs.

While I am at it, this also means it’s time for For The Love of Baby’s next move! I am currently working to find a theme just right to make it easier to navigate for each and everyone of you as well as to create a new avenue for those looking to learn more about fibromyalgia. It is an “unknown” thing as it is and I hope by me sharing my experiences, I can ultimately help you. I thank each and everyone of you for all that you do, whether it be by comments, entering giveaways, re-tweeting a post. You all are rockstars! I am slowly trying to teach myself the technical side of the “framework” of a blog so bare with me as I hopefully get a theme switched over quickly and painlessly!

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  1. I think it is fantastic you will be using the blog as a way to inform people about Fibromyalgia! Not very many people know about it or understand it. I think you are brave for taking on so much while in so much pain! Good luck with everything!

  2. I’m glad you have one doctor who is listening and trying to help. Fibromyalgia care is definitely a process. I’ve been diagnosed for almost 9 years, and I still learn new stuff about it.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Recent Sales and Promotions I’ve Seen =-.

  3. I’ve been suffering from fibromylagia, too. It’s difficult, because my doctors want to subscribe meds. I’ve seen a chiropractor and that helped a little. What I hate about this is that I cringe whenever my children touch me unexpectedly.
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Sensory Street Kids Is A Hit =-.

  4. WOW…Jenna, even though I am probably old enough to be your mom, we share ALMOST the same life story medically. I was 19 when I got into horrible accident with a SEMI and totaled a car. I was in a ton of pain but didnt go in for care because I was 19 and didnt know better. Five back surgeries ter and suffering through years of pain, am disabled with Fibro & CFS, and now Lyme diagnosed too. I am glad to find someone i can learn from…as I am also in the dark with this. THANKs for being so open so others can hear the truth!
    Glad you got SOME relief and at least ONE person to listen to you!

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