Getting Healthy Before Surgery

Getting Healthy Before Surgery 1

For the past week and a half, I’ve been fighting a cold/respiratory junk. I’ve just dealt with it. Well, I finally admitted defeat last night and said I need to go to the doctor as it’s likely I have a sinus infection.

Tonight, Aubrey started throwing up and making runs for the bathroom.

Please douse me in hand sanitizer now.

My surgery is next week. 

I can not get any more sick than I am. I need to get this cold GONE but I also have GOT to stay away from the other germs! So as Aubrey makes another run for the bathroom, I’ve got hand sanitizer in my pocket ready to go.

This surgery can not be put off anymore, I NEED this surgery to happen so my body can recover and I can get back to life!

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  1. Surgery is scary, I will be having a cesarean to deliver my baby. I hope I am healthy enough to recover quickly and I’m not very tolerant of pain. The title of this post caught my eye.

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