Bring on the Trigger Point Injections

Yeah, the needle is bigger than that.

For those that have been following my @mommyjenna on Twitter account, I’m sure you’ve seen the lovely issue I’ve been having with my back recently. Simply put, it sucks! I started having pain the best way to describe it is right where the lower ribs meet spine. At first, it was sporadic, coming and going. Over the past week or so, it has turned constant, with very little actually making it subside.

After physical therapy poking at me, my chiropractor trying to adjust me, and then trying to get answers of what this is, I got a call in to the pain medicine specialist and was lucky enough to be able to get my appointment pushed up to this Friday instead of waiting until next month. I’m really hoping it will make this darn spasm, misalignment, whatever it is go away.

Bring on the trigger point injections. I might as well make the most of it and be thinking positive that it will be the “missing link” to getting this issue to go away!

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