Another CT Scan on the Way…

Another CT Scan on the Way... 1

Yes, another doctor’s appt. today. I pretty much layed out that I am fed up and I can not take the “wait and see” game anymore.

Tomorrow, I am having ANOTHER CT Scan. This time? Focusing on my face and sinuses. He confirmed a deviated septum and wants to see what films show and if this may be a step towards why my headaches are happening. Wouldn’t this have been a first? A person with a history of sinus infections and colds….it seems like every other week I am sick (knock on wood).

So, I am going with it. I’m going to deal with another stupid test that probably should have been done oh…three years ago. Wish me luck. Still no discussion of what to do for pain at home ha but hey, I guess on the bright side? Maybe I’ll get a new nose.

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