Planning Your Child’s Baptism

Planning Your Child's Baptism 1

Baptizing your child is a special rite of passage for any Christian. The act of baptizing signifies that the child or adult accepts Christ as their God and signals their willingness to lead a righteous life.

Planning Your Child's Baptism 2

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Baptism is often a public declaration in a church that includes having loved ones attend the religious ceremony and witness the child being baptized by water. Babies who are baptized are often sprinkled with water instead of being fully submerged, but older children and adults can opt for the full experience.

When you decide to baptize your child, you should celebrate the occasion by hosting an intimate gathering after the church service to thank everyone for attending such a momentous occasion. But, what considerations should you think through?

Speak to your religious leader

Setting a date for the baptism should be the first step in your planning. Speak to your church’s administration department to find out how to set up a date. Most churches prefer parents and children to attend a seminar or course to prepare them for baptism and to answer any questions.

Once you’ve set a date for your child’s baptism, you can focus on planning the celebration that follows the service. 

Plan the celebration

Once you have the date selected, you can think about who to invite to the church service and the party afterwards. Your nearest and dearest are often the only guests to attend the service, as baptizing your child is a very personal and special occasion. Keeping the celebration intimate is always the best idea so you do not overwhelm your child after the baptism. 

Some parents prefer to book a restaurant and celebrate with a shared meal together, and others will prefer to have a party at a venue or at home. Whichever venue you decide on, you will need to send out a baptism invitation. You can design your invitation online and edit it to include a photo of your child as a special invite that can be delivered electronically or by hand. 

Most party stores cater for baptisms, so you can order and purchase unique plates, serviettes, balloons and even cakes for your baptism. You may want to appoint a photographer to capture the service and celebration afterwards as a keepsake. 

Choose the perfect gift

Compiling a baptism book is a great gift idea, which you can give to your child as a reminder of their baptism. The memory book can contain the invitation you created, the church service pamphlet, photos, cards and a note from your minister or reverend for your child to treasure. You can even make two books and keep one for yourself.

A devotional Bible is also the perfect gift for a baptism. Write your message on the inside of the cover, and add a bookmark as a special add-on to the gift. If your guests want to give your child a baptism gift, ask for Christian book store vouchers for your child to use as they please.

Finally, give the gift of allowing your child to grow spiritually each day by encouraging them to attend church services, youth programs or to read up on spirituality. Setting a good example for them is the best gift you could ever bestow upon them!

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