How to Raise an Optimistic Child

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To surround your child with a world full of wonder, you have to place the foundations for building a happy environment. There are a range of ways parents can facilitate this, both to make a child’s school experience better, and to build a child’s personal skills for use as they grow older. To explore raising an optimistic child, here are some top tips from this prep school in Kew.

Surround your child with happiness

Plenty of happy thoughts, activities and experiences will give your child a great way of developing their own level of positivity. From playing plenty of games and having fun with their friends, to organizing little parties, going mad for their birthday and sharing as many memories as you can – kids will develop a whole lot from these experiences. The best part is that whether your child found something they didn’t enjoy about these times, or they had fun all day, they’re going to remember those times with their friends and family fondly.

Praise your child often

It’s a key part of developing a child’s known talents and a huge confidence boost. Children live off appreciation and validation and showing your child how to love how well they’ve done. Push this along by reminding your child regularly what they have and show them that you’re proud of all that they do both in and out of school. It’s all about showing your child how to be thankful for the things they have, and also showing them that making mistakes is okay.

Highlight signs of negativity

It’s not unhealthy to show signs of negativity, of course, it would be hard to remain so happy all of the time! But what you can do is flag these to your child and see what they thought made them feel so upset at the time. From here you can work with your child on what they can do to manage problems and face adversity much better in the future. It’s also a good way of teaching your child how to identify their emotions.

Encourage your child to do new things

Trying new things will give your child a new level of stress, but also gives your child a whole new way of trying to overcome their fears while having fun. Let them explore new activities, subjects and ways of learning to help them develop their personal skills in their own ways. It allows them to think more independently, creativity and think with an inquisitive mind, all key things that will make a child feel more confident, inspired and happy.

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