Picking a Bounce House for a Birthday Party

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Bounce houses, sometimes called bounce castles, are very popular featured to rent for kids parties, but how do you go about picking a bounce castle for a birthday party? There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect inflatable for your event.

Age of Your Guests

One important element in choosing the right bounce castle for your event is the age and abilities of your guests. For instance, if you are hosting a party where all the guests will be preschool aged children, you should reserve a castle that is age appropriate for that group. If your guests will vary in age or ability, you may have to reserve a castle that will accommodate older guests or guests with varying abilities. Your representative at the bounce house company will be able to help you choose the right model and will be able to give you more information about the age appropriateness of each inflatable as well as information about the weight limits, size and capacity of each specific inflatable.

Theme of the Inflatable

Another element worth considering when you are choosing the right inflatable for your event is your theme. Of course, most inflatables will work with just about any party theme, but if you are having a specific theme you might be able to match your bounce castle with the rest of your decor items. For example, if you are having a princess party an inflatable palace would be the perfect option. Not only would it provide a fun activity for your guests but will enhance your decorations.

If you don’t know what your theme should be, check with your provider or go to Pinterest for some inspiration.

Price and Availability

Practical aspects may also be factors when choosing the right inflatable for your party. For instance, the price for a bounce house rental should also be considered. Staying within your budget is important when planning any event and should also play a part in making the decision of which castle you choose. The location of the company in proximity to your event may also be a factor to consider. Location of the company might even impact the price of the rental. Be sure to ask if the inflatable company is going to deliver and set-up your bounce house and whether or not this service is already factored into the cost of the rental. You will want to make sure that this service is included in the price or you will end-up paying more than what you had original been quoted. Be aware that a travel fee may also be involved.

Of course, availability of the perfect bounce castle is very important. Popular models can book well in advance, so it is wise to reserve your favorite inflatable as soon as you set a date for your event or as soon as possible.

Ultimately, it’s Up to You

Perhaps the most important element to consider when choosing a bounce house is personal preference. It’s important that the birthday child is happy with the choice. It’s also important for the party host to be pleased with the choice too.


After considering all of the factors, a customer can make a wise and informed choice and can feel confident that they are picking a bounce castle for a birthday party that will please the guest of honor and all the guests.

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