Getting Back into Our School Routine

Getting Back into Our School Routine 1

This week is the first full week of Back to School and while we have the typical routines down, there’s definitely some new things we are working on getting rolling.

Aubrey is officially a middle schooler this year and it’s been a bit overwhelming for her. Locker combinations, only two minutes between classes, block schedules…I think any kiddo would be having a moment! She’s my bubbly girl though (although that tweenager divatude is trying to start!) and she has always loved being active at school and learning.

The twins have begun 2nd Grade and are working so hard! It still amazes me as we watch Facebook memories and compare how much success they have made in all aspects. Both Nathan and Lucas are growing their hair out with Nick, in hopes of having a chance to donate to a program like Wigs for Kids. They always have new antics to keep me on my toes but we don’t call it Adventures of Ham and Cheese for nothing 😉

Getting Back into Our School Routine 2
These two are grounded until they’re 50….

There’s so much going on in getting our routines back but we are working on getting organized in all aspects of our family and house. From budgeting and looking at financing to clearing out clothing the kids no longer wear, part of my routine has been finding spots. The kids have been excited for me to start working on sewing again and they have helped in picking fabric colors.

As Aubrey turns 11 tomorrow, it’s no surprise I’m working on some birthday planning for next week. Luckily, she is obsessed with unicorns and Disney Descendants so I was pumped for the Labor Day Sale at Target and grabbed her new bedsheets she will love. And hopefully, Mommy will have a blanket done in time for her birthday party….otherwise, I’m a step ahead for Christmas. 😉

Getting Back into Our School Routine 3

As we get going in the school year, we are going to be keeping busy with after-school events. Hopefully, my routine gets in place for all of us soon!

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