Paying Extra for a Private Birth

Paying Extra for a Private Birth 1

Deciding whether or not to pay extra for a private birth can be a bit of a dilemma for some parents-to-be. Not only do you have to decide whether it is worth the extra money, but you also must have the extra cash to spend. Consider using a free online comparison tool such as MoneySupermarket offer secured loans to find a loan that is right for you in these circumstances.
If you are still deciding where to give birth, here are a few factors for you to consider:

Paying Extra for a Private Birth 2
At-Home Private Births

The term, “private birth” isn’t used much in the U.S., but in the UK and Australia it typically means that you give birth at home or in a private hospital instead of in a public hospital.
If you want a truly private birth experience, having your baby at home is a viable option for many couples. In fact, at-home births have become so popular in England that mothers-to-be often have difficulties finding private midwives who have the time to assist them.
Many women appreciate being in the comfort of their own home during the birthing experience. Others like to have freedom of movement, which you cannot have in a hospital setting. You also get to bond immediately with your baby without doctors and nurses interrupting the experience.
Most women who choose at-home births like selecting their own midwives and receiving continuity of care. Private midwives in the UK also offer post-natal services, which aren’t available through their public healthcare system.
However, there are a few disadvantages to choosing at-home births, the primary drawback being the danger factor. If you suddenly develop complications during labour or delivery, you might have trouble getting to the hospital in time to save your baby.
Birth Centres

Women in the U.S., the UK and Australia have the option of having a private birth experience in a birth center. This low-tech, natural birth choice is typically safer than giving birth at home. Nurses and midwives assist you during labor and delivery, but an OB is also on call just in case there is an emergency.
Birth center midwives frequently work in small teams, so you should get to know the staff during your pre-natal visits. The midwives and nurses don’t use medical interventions such as episiotomies, painkillers, labour inducers and cesarean surgeries.
The primary disadvantage for choosing to give birth at a birth center is that you will not have the option of using an epidural or a painkiller if you change your mind about birthing naturally.
In the U.S., most birth centers are independent facilities, although an increasing number of centers are affiliated with hospitals. In Australia, most birth centers are affiliated with public hospitals, which means that you can have a private birth at no extra cost to you.
So, is it worth it to pay extra for a private birth? Women lucky enough to have low-risk pregnancies surely seem to think so. Private births typically let you take control of your experience and cause far less stress to both mom and baby.

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  1. Our hospital only offers private rooms — so I guess that’s sort of a compromise on a hospital experience with some privacy?

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