Not Home Quite Yet…

Well unfortunately, we did not get to go home from the hospital today. Aubrey’s billirubin level increased too much overnight and when placed under phototherapy today, the numbers still increased 🙁 She’s a tough little cookie but hopefully in the morning we will get to come home!
Mommy doesn’t like seeing her in the incubator but I know we need to get those numbers down.

Not Home Quite Yet... 1

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  1. Ohhhhhh poor baby! I hope they get her count down soon and you both get to go home.

  2. Best wishes to both of you! I hope her levels come down down soon so that you can both go home.

  3. OH WOW!!! Congratulations! What a gorgeous baby girl… she is just too cute! Thank you for coming by my blog and entering the giveaway! I will be back to see pics of little Aubrey! Lindsey

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