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Something I always enjoy about blogging is the chance to meet other Moms. I love getting to know individuals and learning about them. A Mom that I have met that is very cool and down to earth is Pauline. She is a freelance writer that you can find blogging at Berrie Sweet Picks as well as Deadlines to Diapers. Pauline was awesome enough to share with us what it’s like to be a Work at Home Mom!
1.Tell a little about yourself.
Here are the basics: I’m 30, married for 7 years, and the mother of one 16 month old I like to call “Buttercup” on my blogs. I’m a fan of attachment parenting, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, and a bit OCD about researching everything parenting-related before I put anything new into practice with Buttercup. It comes part and parcel with my journalism background, and is slightly annoying to me and pretty funny to people I know.

2. What do you do as a Work at Home Mom and where did you get started?
I’m a freelance writer and got started at local community papers here in Metro Detroit. I eventually worked at The Detroit News, and have written for The Detroit Free Press, Metro Parent Magazine, and www.babygooroo.com.

3. What do you enjoy most about being able to work at home?
Well, I’m typing this up at 2:12 a.m., after doing some research for a new baby gooroo post and writing up a press release about one of my blogging projects to submit to local media. Buttercup’s been in bed since about 10, and I’ve been typing away in my jammies and no bra at the kitchen table since she went to bed. I’ll go to bed shortly and when we wake up in the morning, I’ll be able to split my day between work and Buttercup as quickly as I’m going to fall asleep tonight. I have no commute, no daycare bill, and no office wardrobe to maintain. And the best part is being able to drop what I’m doing for a story book, hug, or nap time.

4. Where do you call your “blog home” and some of the additional places you write for?
I write at Berrie Sweet Picks and Deadlines and Diapers. I also write the Fab Finds Friday column at Lipstick to Crayons. And you’d think I’d get the picture and stop trying to add new projects to my plate.

5. Why do you write?
Ha! It’s in my blood. If I can’t write, I’m evil and miserable. I used to have a newsroom job that didn’t allow me to write and I can’t believe how frustrated and bottled-up it made me feel. I was so glad to leave that job and begin to express myself creatively again. Writing is my release; it’s how I communicate best. It’s what I have always wanted to do, especially on my own terms. And really, I can’t believe I joined the land of Mommy bloggers so late in the game! Deadlines and Diapers is just over a year old and Berrie Sweet Picks is only like 6 months old. I really wish I had jumped in sooner, just for the excuse to punch away at my laptop every night.

6. What has been your favorite subject/item to write about so far?
Writing mom/baby/kid product reviews has been a blast at berrie sweet picks. It’s a great feeling to have my thoughts and opinions respected, and I know that comes with responsibility. So I always make sure to give my readers my honest opinions on the items I have tried. And truth be told, I’m a baby-wearin’ Momma now only because I was given the opportunity to try out baby carriers while still pregnant. And the same for cloth diapering! So I know that being exposed to a new idea by word of mouth from mom to mom is an incredible tool for opening horizons, and I love that.

I also asked Pauline what she would say to those thinking about working from home.
If someone wanted to work from home, I’d tell them to use their next weekend or vacation off work to see if it is for them. Can you balancelooking at a pile of laundry, kid running around, a husband whoforgets you have a job sometimes, relatives who call and stop bybecause they don’t really think you are working, and your work responsibilities? It can be very overwhelming at times and there is no seperation between work and home. This is definitely not for everyone.
Thank you so much to Pauline! Be sure to check out her blogs! At Berrie Sweet Picks right now she has some awesome giveaways going on!

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