Thursday 13-Current and Future Body Art!

Yes I am a tattooed Mommy! LOL So for my Thursday 13, I decided to list what tattoos I currently have and tattoos I hope to have in the future.

1. Evanescence symbol on my right shoulder blade
2. Nautical star on my left ankle
3. Lower back custom stars design
4. Kanji for “Faith Hope Thigh” on back of right leg
5. Broken heart on my right wrist
6. Tribal flower on my left wrist
7. Custom face drawing left arm
8. “Kelsie” heart on my left shoulder blade
9. Flaming lotus flowers on both hips
10. Memorial tattoo for my friend Heather(1/4 sleeve on right arm) Color still needs filled in.

The “Future” Tattoos
11. Tattoo for Aubrey.
12. Two fairies in middle back
13. Stars on spine just under my t-shirt line.

Yes I am That Crazy!!

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  1. I have a butterfly on my shoulder (but not an uber girly one) and a celtic knot symbolizing forever on my spine.

    When I lose this (freaking) baby weight, I’m getting two blue stars and one pink star on my left hip for my living children and a pink star with wings on my right hip for the baby we miscarried.


    You should take pics of all your tattoos!

  2. We need pictures!

    Myself, I’m toooo afraid of needles to get a tatoo even though I have my design picked out and ready to go. lol

  3. Wow! That’s a lot of tattoos! My husband has 5 and is about to add #6, finally, the name of our son.

  4. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but my DH won’t let me! One of these days he’s gonna have a big surprise! Anything you tell me not to do…well lol I’m gonna do it!

    You should post pics of them! I love looking at tattoos!

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