Happy Holidays!

I am hoping everyone is having an incredible holiday, no matter what you might celebrate. We had a great Christmas Celebration yesterday with my Mom, little brothers, and Grandparents.

My Mom and I had a hilarious time cooking and enjoyed every minute of it. The wind was nasty yesterday though!

If you follow me at all on Twitter, I’m sure you saw yesterday I was not too happy to discover my camera had been returned to me broken. Yes, it turns on and acts like it’s going to take a picture but hey, it doesn’t. What a GREAT thing to discover when you are celebrating Christmas.

Steven took advantage of my camera situation and got me a NEW camera for Christmas.

We took LOTS of pictures but the one below is the greatest. I snapped this picture but did not realize what I had caught. It is absolutely precious and an incredible memory.

Happy Holidays! 1

Baby Aubrey And Great-Grandpa


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  1. Love the picture! Enjoy the new camera! I got one too unexpectedly and it’s sweet.

  2. That’s so sweet! I haven’t talked to you in a while since some award show we were watching so I wanted to stop by and say hi. I hope your Christmas was wonderful! Sounds like it was.

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