Fraiche gives YOU A Chance to Relax!

I think when you become a Mom, “relax” accidentally gets erased from your dictionary. What on earth does that word mean anyway? Now that I am a Mom of 2(3 with my stepdaughter!), a wife, AND a student, it is Go Go Go! By the end of the day, it’s just time to crash but I have been forcing myself to take the time to take a bath and just relax. It’s my “ME” time. We all need it!

Thanks to Fraiche, it made it much easier for me to force myself to relax with their awesome Bath Swizzles and natural soaps. The moment I received my package and opened the box, I was in heaven! The only thing that got me out of the bathtub was the water getting too cold! The soaps and swizzles smell absolutely incredible! Not only are these products hard to resist but they are all-natural products.

Fraiche (pronounced “fresh”) uses the world’s finest certified organic ingredients, void of harsh chemicals and fillers. The soaps are composed of more goats’ milk and aloe vera than most other soaps on the market — making for a richer, creamier and more moisturizing lather. Fraiche Swizzles are guaranteed to be made with delicate, organic oils and rich minerals soothing to the skin. In many of the soaps, you will also find fruit powder, the base of many anti-aging, alpha-hydroxy products.

My favorite by far was the Cherrylicious. The scent is very true to its name and also left me feeling relaxed and my skin very soft. I have naturally dry skin so it’s hard to find things that “keep” my skin feeling hydrated but Fraiche definitely accomplished that.

From the Fraiche site,
Fraiche was founded in the belief that the bath is much more than just a daily chore; it’s a place to escape from the worries and cares of the day. This is the belief that has inspired Fraiche to seek out nature’s most nurturing elements in order to design and hand-sculpt exquisite natural soap, and bath products that combine the world’s most refined ingredients into small works of art.

This is a perfect gift for anyone. Whether you know a new mom, a new bride, or need that special gift for the upcoming Christmas(you could always buy yourself one ;)!) Fraiche is an incredible product! So Mom, Make Yourself RELAX!

Now how would you like the chance to win a prize from Fraiche?They have been awesome enough to offer one lucky For the Love of Baby reader TWO SOAPS AND A TRIPLE SWIZZLE!
First, head over to Fraiche and check out the site. Come back and leave me a comment letting me know your favorite three product fragrances you’d like to try out!
For Additional Entries You Can-
1. Sign up for E-mail updates from Fraiche HERE. This will count as TWO entries.(Leave in separate comments-I signed up 1. I signed up 2)
2. Blog about this awesome contest! Let me know why you need the chance to relax and take time out for you. I’ve even started this blurb to make it easier for ya! This will count as THREE entries!
Jenna at For the Love of Baby! is hosting a great party right now and she knows how much Mom needs to relax! So head on over and check out an awesome giveaway from Fraiche that will make sure Mom MAKES TIME to Relax!
3. Twitter this contest and let me know your Twitter name!
Remember, I MUST have a VALID E-Mail for you. If I do not have a valid e-mail from you or the original entry instructions are not followed, your entry will not count! (NO “I’d like to win!”) Put some effort into it people!
This Contest Will End on November 1st at 11:59PM CST!

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  1. Green Meadow , Sqeaky clean and soothe me are my top 3 picks. They are all so yummy, though!

  2. There are so many scents that I would love to try! I wish you could scratch ‘n sniff online! Here’s my 3 picks: Vanilla bean, Sweet Pea, and Lavender fields. There are tons more that I’d love to try but these are the ones that jump out at me for now.

  3. I blogged about your blog party and this contest on my blog at

    I need to relax and take time for myself cause everything I do is about the kids and the hubby and with all the therapy and everything for Jonathan and then the meetings for David, not to mention midday phone calls from David’s teacher on a weekly basis asking why he’s freaking out on them, I just need some time to take my mind off things and unwind. A nice hot bath at the end of the day is always nice plus it calms my Fibro pains and helps me sleep.

  4. I think Toasted Almond, Gardenia and Squeaky Clean are 3 I’d like to try 🙂

    crazyadventuresinparenting @ gmail . com

  5. I would love to try all of them haha, but here are three that sound really good. pomiscuous,bare naked, cherrylicious

  6. Those look too yummy.

    Lemon verbena, mandarin orange soaps and hmmm…soothe me swizzle.
    Hope Canadians can enter.

  7. I would love the lavender fields, spa splash, and rose scents!


  8. i like cinnamon hazelnut, mandarin orange, and deep dark chocolate.

  9. My three favorites are peppermint, bare naked, and lemon verbena. tinawittmer(At)yahoo(cot)com

  10. i’d love to try cherrylicious, cinnamon hazelnut and green tea!

    fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

  11. Mmmm… I love the florals. For me it would be rose, honeysuckle, and green meadows! Yummm….

  12. Signed up 1
    (although there was some weird text at the top that makes me wonder if it went through… an error?)

  13. wow!!! i like everything especially the lemon verbena, cherrylicious and promiscuous.


  14. I would love to try: lavender fields, dewy cactus flower, and gardenia.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  15. Soothe Me, Mandarin Orange, and Vanilla Bean sounds the best to me!

  16. I’d love to try gingerbread, rich dark chocolate, and peppermint. Now I am hungry 🙂


  17. Believe you me! I need some time of my own to relax. I have 4 kids, 4 dogs and a HUSBAND! lol
    Some days the wall looks so good to put my head right through.
    (On meds for that one LOL)
    I LOVE Fraiche site.
    I really would love to try Peppermint, it tingles!!!
    I’d love to also try Soothe me, my skin gets so dry so fast, most days I don’t even have time to put on lotion.
    One more you say?? Well Ok!
    I’d love to try Honesuckle too!
    I love the colors lol.

    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  18. Hula-la, mandarin orange and cherrylicious sound so good!!
    Thanks for the chance!

    treflea4 at gmail dot com

  19. My three would be mandarin orange, honeysuckle and sweetpea.

  20. GREAT giveaway!!!! I love handmade soaps. They are awesome!!!

    My “must try” scents are…

    – rich dark chocolate
    – peppermint
    – holiday spice

    Thanks so much!

    HunnyV “at” Optonline “dot” net

  21. oh my,my!It is bathtime….
    i would love to try Green Meadow,sweet pea and honeysuckle!please enter me!!!


  22. i have you added to blog as well..your babies in the pic on blog are just beautiful!

    thanks again


  23. I think my favorite scents would be honeysuckle, hula-la and mandarin orange. Thanks!
    katiekarr at gmail dot com

  24. i have been trying to subscribe to you.For some reason the page fails to load.Is there any other way i can sign up?


  25. The “Autumn Trilogy” looks great and I love the scents: cinnamon hazelnut,
    little pumpkin and toasted almond. They have fabulous products. Not only do we have two sons, but a new puppy, I barely get time for any “me” relaxation. Please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  26. The peppermint, honeysuckle and “soothe me” all sound heavenly! Thanks!


  27. I’d love to try Cherrylicious, Spicy Little Pumpkin, and Soothe Me. Thanks!
    beax0002 (at) umn (dot) edu

  28. I’d try hibiscus, honeysuckle and lavender fields. Thank you.

    applez_55 at yahoo dot com

  29. The soothe me soap and swizzle both sound so nice! i would love those.

    karissag at

  30. I’d love to try dewy cactus flower, cherrylicious and green meadow. Thanks for a chance to win!

  31. I would like to try lavender fields, sweet pea and blissful blossoms.

  32. Oh good heavens! Gardenia, Honeysuckle and Toasted Almond are my favorites.
    What a site!! These would make such wonderful Christmas gifts. What woman doesn’t love fancy soaps?
    I am in heart.
    Thanks so much!

  33. Lavender Fields, Blissful Blossoms and Toasted Almond!


  34. island kiss, mandarin orange, and vanilla bean sound so good! i’d love to try these soaps!

  35. The mandarin orange, kiwi and hibiscus scents sound great!!


  36. Island kiss, sweat pea & honeysuckle look good. Those are really cool soaps, some of the coolest I've seen!

  37. Sweet pea, Hula-la, and Kiwi (and many, many others!) sound SO good!
    frog123 (at) cyipcom (dot) net

  38. I would love to try the cherrylicious, soothme, and vanilla combo. I am a single mother with two young boys at home and it would be awesome to be able to take an evening bubble bath. So please pick me!!!

    My email is

    Thank you!!!

  39. cinnamon hazelnut, mandarin orange and dark chocolate sound good.

  40. I would love to try the peppermint, cinnamon hazelnut and holiday spice soaps! Yum-mee, they sound good!

  41. I would love to try pomiscuous, peppermint, and soothe me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. I would try lemon verbana, mandarin orange, and kiwi. Can you tell I’m hungry?


  43. I’d love to try: cinnamon hazelnut, gingerbread and spicy little pumpkin! Can you tell I like the food fragrances! In fact this is making me hungry… 🙂
    ebickell (at) hotmail (dot) com

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