If you don’t see much of me tomorrow…

DH Steven is having surgery. I am working on some blog entries that will automatically post tomorrow for all of you but if you don’t see much of me, we’ll be heading to the hospital around 10AM and then not sure how long things will take before he gets to come home. My mom will be here hanging out with Kelsie and Aubrey-those girls are going to be SPOILED!

If you can keep Steven in your thoughts, I know he’s nervous as he has never had surgery before. And of course, some extra thoughts for the new wife here would be great too 😉

Thanks everyone and I’ll be back as soon as I can!

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  1. Wishing Steven well and a speedy recovery.

    Thanks for signing up for my affiliate program by the way, saw the banner on your site.

  2. How did Steven surgery turn out? Prayers are with you now (even though it is later).

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