10 Bands/Artists That Remind Me of High School

Well I love Music so this Ten on Tuesday was fun and easy! LOL Of course, high school wasn’t TOO long ago for me so yeah…. 😛

1. Backstreet Boys
4.Linkin Park
5.Ricky Martin
6.98 Degrees (Yes I was one of the teeny bop boy banders…so what??)
7. TLC
8. DHT-did the remake of Listen to Your Heart. And that’s all I’ve seen them do
9. Thousand Foot Krutch (Coolest Christian Rock Band Ever!! And I got to meet them!)
10.Christina Aguilera

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  1. Talk about teeny bopper boy bands! I was a New Kids on the Block fan when they first came out, NOT their recent comeback! (I haven’t heard anything recent from them yet.)I even went to a concert, back when people held up cigarette lighters, not cell phones! LOL!

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