Moving Just Plain Stinks

I think we all know how much moving stinks. My goal was to not move again until we bought a house. Well, we had a few surprises and have decided to move to a bigger house for the time being. So while I am juggling Girl Scouts, Soccer, Twins’ appts and everything in between, I’m working on packing for our move! Luckily, we aren’t going very far so we will be working on getting everything set up soon.


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  1. Have you come across any good moving tips?? We’re moving next month, and I’m procrastinating packing.. BIG TIME! Good luck with the move!

    1. Oh how I understand! I’ve been going a bit crazy! I bought totes to buy versus using boxes and I’ve been separating things that can immediately go into storage, stuff to consign ;), and so on! I’ve been having fun planning decor for the new house but yes, it’s never fun! I called as soon as I know to change services and I’ve been updating addresses on accounts ahead of time!

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