What to Do if your Cell Phone breaks

What to Do if your Cell Phone breaks 1
What to Do if your Cell Phone breaks 2If your cellular phone suffers some mishap you may be able to fix it yourself or take it to a repair shop and see if they can help. If it is just the screen that has been damaged you can try searching online for a replacement screen. Scratches can often be removed or reduced by using a scratch remover product, gently rubbing the screen in a circular motion until the scratches fade.  If it has been damaged beyond recall you’ll just have to bite the bullet and get a new one. Often the cost of repairing a cell phone is not viable and it will be cheaper to replace it. If it is an old model you may be ready for an upgrade anyway, in which case this is a good excuse to treat yourself.  This then raises the question of what to do with the old phone – can I sell my mobile?

Should you decide to get a new phone there are a number of constructive things you can do with the old one rather than simply dumping it.

How do I sell my mobile?

There are companies that specialize in buying up old cell phones; these can be found via an Internet search. How much you will receive depends on the make and model and the severity of any damage. Alternatively, try selling it on an auction site after checking other used phones and seeing what the sellers are asking for them. Either do a straight sale or put it up for auction.

You could hang on to your old cell phone and use it for spares if you like. The battery especially could come in useful if you’re planning on buying a similar model, although if your old phone accidentally went into a full-cycle wash the battery may be beyond redemption. Men especially like to hang on to their old gadgets, just in case it comes in handy at some point down the line.

With recycling being the big thing these days, there are site in the US that make offloading your phone to a worthy cause as easy as pie.  You can then bask in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the planet instead of adding to global warming. A third of all Americans change their cell phone for a new one each year, and the 500 million phones they discard are prime candidates for recycling. It is estimated that cell phones are second only to discarded monitors and computers as the biggest contributors to the planet’s so-called e-waste problems. Toxins from electronic components dumped in landfills can pollute groundwater; this is becoming a major cause for concern across the States. Everyone can help reduce this problem by thinking about the best way to dispose of unwanted electronic products.

Electronic recycling NPOs are springing up to meet this global crisis by refurbishing cell phones and selling them on to distributors, often in developing countries, where people desperately need affordable communications. Even dead batteries are accepted and safely disposed of. There are sound environmental reasons for getting in touch with one of these organizations rather than just dumping your old cell phone in the trash.

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