Drop and Go Delivery Service-My Blog Is MY JOB.

Drop and Go Delivery Service-My Blog Is MY JOB. 1

While when we lived in Ames, we had various issues when packages were delivered, we had an overall great experience with our delivery service workers. We LOVED our UPS driver who was always chipper. We NEVER had a package just left at a door when we were clearly home.

Since moving, I wish I could say the same about USPS, FedEx, and UPS. But I can’t. Packages are thrown at our door when I am home and not even a knock as they walk out of the apt. building-something that was atleast done before. Items are left without a knock. And now items are not reaching my hands.

As I weed through my e-mails, something I thought I would do to keep track of things and “relax” from what is going on with more flooding possible, I wanted to find something I could control.  As I received responses back from the reps., I realized something else I could normally control, I could not. Packages left while I was likely home-disappearing. Never reaching my hands. And all because a delivery driver couldn’t do their job and tap a simple knock on the door so we could open it.

I consider this website my job. I don’t just “get free stuff” and leave it at that. I am working with e-mails, trying to take pictures of items-getting to know something so I can share everything I can with a reader. It frustrates me beyond belief to know a company sends something and it just *poofs* into thin air all because someone wasn’t sharing a dose of courtesy to a CUSTOMER. Blogging is relationships-relationships with fellow bloggers, relationships with the companies you fall in love with and crave to learn more about, and the readers. The readers that come to a site and believe in someone’s experience and word of mouth.

I should not have to request delivery confirmation just to see your not so smiley face like I once expected. I live in an apartment, I’m not running through my mansion while you wait to place a box in my hand. Seriously, show some respect and care about your customers.

I will be following up on any package that seems to have disappeared. I know other bloggers have had issues such as this and I want to know this is not an ongoing thing.

Take the time to know. Take the time to make sure your job is followed through. And if I find out why items are not reaching my hands,well, I’m not in a good mood with all of our rain, flooding destroying friends and families homes and all else.

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  1. Post a sign on your door telling delivery personnel of any companies to knock on your door so you know you have a package and so they will no longer be stolen. Too bad you don’t have a security camera and a monitor inside your apartment so you can see when any person nears your door for any reason.
    First alert has one for around $299 on their webpage.
    You’d probably have to get approved by your apartment manager to run the wire through the wall and to also put the mount bracket for the camera outside. Then the monitor would be inside and you’d have to plug it all in inside your apartment.
    Just a thought.

  2. An addition to the note above, I don’t know if that camera has any recording possibilities or not, where it records for so long before it tapes over its’ old tape. I think it’s not a recorder, only a monitor type, where you’d have to have it set up probably near where you use your computer or something so you can watch.
    Actually First alert is having a contest/giveaway through the end of this month for that Security monitor camera I mentioned above. You can enter daily I think until the end of this month. They always have monthly giveaways.

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