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Save Time With These Awesome Superhero Candy Buffet Ideas for Multiples

There is nothing more fun than having a birthday party for your child.

However, when you are the parent of multiples, it can be a challenge to have a party that does not take you all day to pull off, and that makes each child feel special.

It’s always a challenge to keep your kids entertained at all times, but when organizing their birthday party, you need to put even more effort into it.

We have put together some fun ideas to help you with your twins, triplets, or quads party.

Planning the table

You will need to divide the table so that each child has their own section of the candy buffet. You will need an online candy supplier. Make sure you let them know that your candy buffet will have the colors and decorations for two (or more) guests of honor. They will help you keep the table together but separately by setting up the color themes. It does not matter which superhero you choose to feature. It doesn’t matter what sex they are. Let the child decide which superhero they want for their party.

The basic theme is superheros, each child gets their section which can be marked with their photograph or a printed sign wishing them a Happy Birthday. Use small toys to decorate their section that complements their color choices.

You do not have to buy everything separately. The backdrop can be butcher paper with pictures of buildings to represent the city. Labels can be printed to duplicate the fighting sounds that you see on comics. Star graphics are best and print the following (one word to each graphic) and attach them to the candy jars:

  • Bam
  • Pow
  • Zap
  • Smack
  • Boom

Have a few special jars with labels that you make up. Examples:

  • Captain America Crunchies
  • Super bubble
  • Candy kryptonite
  • Bad guy boo-boo’s

Use masquerade masks for the party favors and small bottles of bubbles (you can label them bad-guy bubbles) Stage the masks and bubbles in a way to divide the table.

Making it special

Now that you have the basic table and the items that tie the table together, you must choose the items that will make the party special for your multiple.

Of course, each child will choose their favorite superhero and their section of the table will feature that superhero. But as noted it is the colors that will really make the separation noticeable. You should choose two colors for each child.

Different hues of the colors are fine. You will layer the candy so you want colors that pop. These are the colors you will use to purchase the candy. One section may be purple and pink, while another section is red and blue. Green and yellow are bright and fun colors or maybe you like orange and brown. Stage your jars and layer the candies by color.

Each child should have unique goodie bags for guests to take home their treats. You should plan on using about 8-ounces of candy per guest. If the guests are very young, you might want to cut this to 6-ounces.

Make it fun

Have tape, construction paper, markers and other supplies for the kids. Let them make small masks to place on their lollipops, Play “Who is the villain” (This is the same as “duck, duck, goose” except the “goose” is the villain and if they fail, they sit in pretend jail until the game ends.

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