Lucas outgrew his cranial band

Lucas outgrew his cranial band 1

As if things weren’t scary enough when we had our first interaction with the orthotist, today Steven took Lucas in for a followup appointment. While he is not home yet, he called me telling me Lucas HAD to go to Dr. Franks tomorrow, immediately. Dr. Franks is a plastic surgeon.

Lucas has outgrown his helmet. His head has grown a huge amount since beginning the process and if he was to wear his helmet any more, he’d end up with pressure sores (I knew it looked too tight). If the sutures are closed (bones have fused together so there is no longer a soft spot), a helmet will do nothing for him.

Lucas outgrew his cranial band 2

There is surgery but I don’t know how any of it would work. Hell, our insurance would probably never even cover it.

My little guy has been through so much. This is the last thing on Earth we needed to hear 🙁

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