I suck at being pregnant

I suck at being pregnant 1

I feel like a big baby. Oh wait, there’s two inside me…that are totally kicking my butt.

Today it really hit us that these babies are closer to being here than to not being here. It does not seem real. While it seems like it has dragged on with the various complications, it’s definitely a time of anxiety as it kicks in.

I told a friend that I am in full on I hate being pregnant mode. I wake up in the middle of the night and just sit there. I end up wide awake. A sinus infection has decided to come back, in all reality, I never got over being sick from Labor Day. Primary care doctors are driving me nuts. You never see the same doctor, you get a new doctor each time, have to explain you are pregnant with twins, and over and over. I’ve had enough experience with my health that I can tell you what’s wrong, but instead, I end up with the doctor that shrugs it off that I have no clue what I am talking about. I want one doctor. Guinea pig treat someone else.

As soon as I’m “Un-pregnant”, I am finding a different primary care provider, one that’s going to listen. I got lucky with one resident that was truly top of the line and the best. Those that have taken his place? Don’t stand a chance.

Shortness of breath has sunken in as babies continue to grow. Husband has had the joy of helping me put my tennis shoes on. My ribs are tight, my skin tingles as I move every which way to get my legs to relax. As I type, my lower rib muscles are spasming.  I feel like an all around gimp. I hate it.

Is this over yet? I’m retiring from baby carrying. I suck at being pregnant.

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  1. Aww Jenna, I suck at being pregnant too. And yes doctors suck, ours are the same here. Feel better soon!

  2. Posts like this remind me why I am done having kids. Oh my word I know exactly what you mean! I hate being pregnant. The ONLY redeeming quality of being pregnant is that I can eat whatever I want whenever I want and DH will go buy it for me. But that does not make the heartburn, swollen ankles, back pain or digestion issues worth it.

    It will all be over soon! You’ll get to snuggle and love on two amazing little babies!

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