The Conversations of Moms of Multiples…

The Conversations of Moms of Multiples... 1

It always cracks me up when someone realizes you have twins or see you walking out in public with two babies. The things I hear on a regular basis have me thinking of responses in my head that might get me slapped if I actually said it out loud. It’s one thing for friends and family to comment but when complete strangers say it? Well, you know.

“Are they both yours?”  Nope, I just borrowed one that pretty much looks the same.

“Oh wow twins…are they natural?”  You know those Baby Think It Overs they give high schoolers? Yeah, I just borrowed two that are their all new models…it really does come with poop and spit-up.

How on Earth do you tell them apart?” I’m Mom. Trust me, I know. And in case you didn’t notice the mo-hawk on one, that’s my cheat for all of you, not me 😉 Watch out or the next time you see them, I’ll dress them the same so I can sit back and chuckle when you get confused.

“Good god, I don’t know how you do it. One alone just drives me crazy.” How do I do it? I just do. I’m definitely not claiming sanity either.

Twins?!?! You’re crazy”  Cuz you know I totally said HEY I AM DECIDING THERE’s GONNA BE TWO INSTEAD OF ONE! I’m magic like that.

“You are a tiny thing. How on Earth did you carry two babies?” It’s amazing what the human body can do. You should have been the one feeling babies under your ribs.

“There’s no way you just had twins, you look so skinny!” Trust me, you don’t see me naked.

So did you have a C-Section with your other kids too?” Hey guess what, I delivered the twins naturally too (well, with an epidural of course) You know what they say about ASSuming?


I love my little guys. I am blessed to have four beautiful children. It just cracks me up some of the questions that slip out of people’s mouths without thinking. I’ll just blame how adorable they all are 😉


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  1. You rock! Isn’t it weird how people assume c-sections? I get that and I didn’t even have twins. Lately the question has been “Are you having a repeat csection?” Um???

  2. One thing my old boss used to say always made her angry was “Did you conceive them naturally, or …” Why on earth would anyone ask that? LOL

    Thanks for the list though – it’ll be helpful when I’m about to stick my foot in my mouth! 🙂

    Visiting from the chat!!!

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