Being a Parent Advocate for your Child #SpecialNeeds #LifeWithTwins

Identical twin boys MommyJenna

As a mom of twins, there is never a dull moment. We’ve hit road bumps and hurdles in the almost five years since Lucas and Nathan were born. In those five years, I’ve also learned that I will always be the number one advocate for my children.

I’ve been proactive in ensuring the twins have had appropriate therapy interventions. As we get close to school-age, I’m finding it harder to fight. As Brian has said, it seems I am doing everything I can but the “system” is doing everything to stop it.

Twins 1st Day of School

There are waiting lists upon waiting lists. No one can tell me where we are on those waiting lists. While we sit waiting, I find myself fighting to find more resources and answers.

It’s easy to find yourself discouraged. I’m not going to tell you that you will not beat yourself up. When all else fails, keep searching, reach out, and above all, never give up. You are number one in your child’s corner.

I am working my way through resources in Iowa and hope to find new possible avenues. Every day is a new day to try some more.

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