I’m Not Your Scapegoat anymore

I have been the one to hear all your troubles and all your worries. I have been the one that got it taken out on when something didn’t go your way. I don’t want you fighting for my acceptance. I will no longer stick up for you. You have something you have to say, you are grown up. You can do it yourself.

A child should not have to take care of their parents.

It’s time for you to grow up or get out. My children will not be the latest attack of your “issues”. It’s one thing to have made my life hell and “Screwed me up” but you won’t do it to my baby girls. My daughter should not say “Grandma don’t want me Mommy” when you say you will show and never do. You didn’t protect me but I will protect my children. From You.

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  1. That song always makes me cry. I’m so sorry Jenna that you’re still going through hell. I’m here for you, and i’m sure you know that. I love you and you’re SO strong. xoxo
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..the saga of… =-.

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