Swimming Lessons Through The Winter Are Important To Keep Children Safe In The Summer

Swimming Lessons Through The Winter Are Important To Keep Children Safe In The Summer 1

So, the winter season is fast approaching. As you know, the winter season is the most monotonous and boring season of the year. The ruthless cold, the incessant snowfall and the never-ending rainfall do not leave you with much choice than to stay indoors. You will, once again, be holed up inside your home again without lots of fun-filled activities to brighten up your day. What about the kids?

Kids Also Don’t Enjoy Winter Season

Just like you, the winter season is not their favorite season. The kids will also stay indoors for a large period of the winter season. So, how will you keep the kids active at home during this seasonal doldrums imposed on them by the harsh weather conditions that come along with the winter season. Keeping the kids active and busy during winter is a tough challenge to a lot of parents. No wonder a lot of people welcome this season with mixed feelings.

Take Advantage of the Winter Doldrums to Enroll Your Kids for Swimming Lessons

The seasonal doldrums forced on us by Mother Nature during winter is a good opportunity for you and the kids to learn something new or perfect your existing skills.

Speaking of the kids learning something new…

Many ideas will be running through your mind right now; the idea of your kids taking swimming lessons during the winter season may or may not be among those ideas going through your mind right now. Many people even consider taking a swim during winter as a taboo. It is quite understandable if you are harboring this line of thought due to the harsh weather conditions of the winter. However, you should give idea of the kids taking swimming lessons during the winter season a second though, especially if your kids don’t know how to swim or they are not very good swimmers.

Drowning Is the Second Leading Cause of Accidental Deaths

In the United States, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental deaths in children under the age of 14. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 137 child drowning deaths were recorded in the summer of 2012 in the United States. In addition, a report released by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2009 revealed that kids who take swimming lessons had an 88 percent reduced risk of drowning.

You have read the stats above. What do these statistics tell you as a parent? Well, you can unequivocally agree with me that swimming is a life skill that should be taught to every kid out there. Except you and your family are planning to relocate to the Sahara desert in Africa and spend the rest of your lives there, your kids will definitely be around water as they grow up. I don’t think you will want to have sleepless nights anytime your kids go close to a water body.

Imagine this Scenario

Imagine going on a trip to the beach with your family and friends to have fun, and you are not confident of the swimming skills of your kids. Will you be able to have fun when you know that you are around water and you don’t trust the swimming abilities of your children. Do you think you can always keep your eyes on the kids during such occasion. Remember, you went to the beach to have fun, not to baby-sit your kids. I bet you won’t be able to have a great time on outings held close to a water body.

Swimming Lessons Could Save Parents From Unnecessary Anxiety

Well, by enrolling your kids in swimming lessons, you can save yourself from unnecessary anxiety anytime your kids are around water. If you are confident of the swimming abilities of your kids, you won’t have to worry yourself whenever you and your family are around a water body. For example, if you and your kids went for an outing held on the beach, you will thoroughly enjoy your outing without any worries because you have full confidence on the swimming skills of your kids.

And winter provides you with a fantastic opportunity to enroll your kids in a swimming lesson. I bet your kids will even enjoy their swimming lessons because there are not a lot outdoor activities to keep your kids busy during the winter season. So, instead of staying indoors during the winter, take advantage of this seasonal doldrums to enroll your kids for swimming lessons that could prevent them from drowning.

Image Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:A_girl_in_a_swimming_pool_-_underwater.jpg

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