When do YOU put presents under the Christmas tree?

When do YOU put presents under the Christmas tree? 1

With Christmas almost here, I’ve found myself thinking about the Christmas tree a bit more and our presents.

When I was little, I remember certain years presents pretty much being put under the tree as they were wrapped. Some years, they wouldn’t come out until closer to the day. I was the ornery one mastering the tape just right to get a peek at those presents. My brothers are both currently in the tween stage and I know presents left at my mom’s house and not hidden elsewhere (Yes Matthew and Gunnar, you won’t find them anywhere at Mom’s ha!) are quickly figured out. I gave my mom the idea if any present is opened and figured out prior to Christmas will result in the present being taken back to the store or donated to someone in need.

When do YOU put presents under the Christmas tree? 2
Yes, I have a puny tree.

As of right now, our girls’ Christmas presents are hidden in the master bedroom. We have one of the handle safety caps on our door so the girls can not get in there without us. We’ve told our girls over and over again that presents wait until Christmas Eve and Christmas or else Santa won’t bring them presents Christmas morning 😉 Now my girls are young enough that I think they’d know they’d be in trouble for opening anything (and our tree is right where we can always see them) so I have been arguing putting some presents under the tree already. It looks blah to me with the Christmas tree skirt bunched up underneath. It probably doesn’t help that our Christmas tree is puny in comparison to others I have seen LOL. I love my Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Of course, the next worry is we have two cats that enjoy getting into EVERYTHING, including the genius cat that decided to chew on some of the lights (he was lucky he didn’t get Christmas fried like the National Lampoon cat-shucks). So while Kelsie and Aubrey might be fine and not destroy the presents, the cats are another story.

When do your Christmas presents go under the tree?

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  1. I have been putting my son’s gifts out as I wrap them to build up the anticipation- it used to KILL me as a kid to see them but not be able to open them! Gifts from the man in the red suit go out on Christmas morning, of course. 🙂

  2. we usually wait until Christmas eve or the day prior because our cats crawl all over them and end up ripping them…..why do I have them again?

  3. I used to put some out and then Santa would bring the BIG presents on Christmas but this year with a 17 month old walking around we have decided to leave them all in the spare bedroom where they girls never go.

  4. I normally put them out as I wrap them. I got a late start at putting them out this year because I was afraid my 3 year old was going to get curious. So far, so good!

  5. I always put the presents under the tree as I wrap them – it just looks so boring without them! Plus, my daughter is old enough (she is 14) to know better than to peek!

  6. we put presents under our tree on christmas eve eve and open only some of them on christmas eve, and the rest on christmas morning.

  7. we put presents under the tree well before christmas and let them build up until christmas eve.

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