How to Get the Family on Board When It’s Time to Declutter

How to Get the Family on Board When It’s Time to Declutter 1

Decluttering is difficult enough when there is only one person involved. Bring in an entire family, and it can become a nightmare! With the changes in our family dynamic, I’ve been working hard to get things back on track so we can get our own new routine down.

Here are some ways that you can encourage your family to declutter together to create a beautiful home to live in.

Explain Why

It’s not enough to simply demand that your partner and children help you clean without giving any explanation. Talking about why you want to declutter is important, because it will help keep motivation when the actual work begins to get tedious. I remind the kids that when we clear out the things we know longer need, we can have more room to play and be happier.

Explain to your children that you wish to have an inviting home that they can invite their friends to more often, and that there will be more time for fun activities when everyone keeps on top of the cleaning duties. Remind them that decluttering old items leaves more room for new ones. Give them reasons to be proud of their space.

Get Everyone Involved

From young to old, there is something that can be done by everyone. Let the adults take care of any dangerous tasks, such as climbing the ladder to the attic or dealing with any messes that require deep cleaning. Part of getting everyone involved unfortunately involves cleaning things impacted by weather or those boxes that might have been sitting too close to condensation. If you are looking for a complete overhaul of a specific area, using a dumpster rental company like this gives you easier access to your cleaning task without worrying about where to put trash before your next pickup day.

Older children can take on high energy tasks like loading up boxes of items you might be donating, deep cleaning a specific room, and so forth. Let your little ones sort through toys and pick out which ones they would like to keep and which ones they would prefer to toss.

Leave Out Young Ones If Necessary

Although it’s nice to get the whole family involved, there will be times when it is necessary to remove your younger children if your decluttering duty is turning into a heartbreaking drama. If your toddlers and preschoolers are having a difficult time entertaining the idea of giving away any of their things, or if they are unpacking items faster than you can get rid of them, it’s time to call in special help. I am known to do as much as I can while kids are at school.

See if it is possible for your young ones to go to Grandma’s for the day, or if you can swap childcare with a friend who is looking for a day off sometime in the near future.

Keep It Positive

The amount of enthusiasm you will receive from your family can be influenced by the manner in which you bring up the idea. If you start barking orders and making threats, you can immediately say goodbye to any happy family time you were hoping to experience in these moments. However, if you stay positive and remain consistently encouraging to each family member, you can all enjoy the process together.

Use Rewards

You may not believe in bribes, but a little reward can go a long way. Let your kids know that when everyone has worked together and completed the task at hand, you will all go out for an ice cream. Or if you are hosting a garage sale in hopes of selling some of your items, give a percentage of the proceeds to your children in payment for their assistance and cheerful attitudes.

How to Get the Family on Board When It’s Time to Declutter 2

Decluttering is a necessity when raising a family. Aim to declutter your entire home at least once a year, to make room for what the next one will bring in. With a little enthusiasm and a lot of team spirit, you can motivate your family to get on board with decluttering.

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