In Memory of Gary Delbert Hutzel

In Memory of Gary Delbert Hutzel 1

When my Uncle was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer, we knew it would be hard, especially with COVID risks and trying to make sure we could support him in anyway while still keeping him safe.

It is with great heartache to say that my Uncle Gary fought as hard as he could but could not anymore and left us November 28th. Things declined extremely fast and it was very limited in those able to be with him and say Goodbye. My last text messages with him days prior were trying to find some of his favorite old movies; just so I knew he could have something that might bring a smile to his face, especially the movies I remember from when I was little.

I’ve written a couple things but nothing seems right or just not the words I want to say.

Uncle Gary-

I sent you all the happy notes from me and the kids, and I had every plan of writing out a full heartfelt letter to you as my next. I didn’t expect it to come so fast. With so much to say and no way to say it, I feel blank.

You were a part of “the rock”, always in mischief with Grandpa and the pranks that would have Grandma chasing you both down with that slipper in hand…me in a headlock, or your Van Damme karate chop at me. The snickering smile I grew up watching keep everyone on their toes.

You took a father figure role I didn’t realize until now as an adult. You were my rough housing partner.

You were tough like Grandpa but to me….you were even tougher as you weren’t afraid to show emotion…you were true to what was in your heart; not afraid to shed a tear.

I wish I could give one last hug…one last prank…laughing at my Mom’s expense when she doesn’t get a joke…

I don’t want this to be the way I have to say Goodbye. But I know you’ve fought with everything you have Uncle Gary. I know you are worried about those still here. You’ve fought…and you deserve to go home…I know Grandma and Grandpa are there with you and will help you come home to them…hold on to them a little bit longer for me…

I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you with all the COVID junk…but I love you with all my heart Uncle Gary…and I know you’ll be watching all of us with Grandpa. You’re being promoted to guardian angel “Doorbert” with the rest of them. And I know I’m going to miss you just as much. This hurts so much and I have to keep stopping to let the tears clear to see what I’m saying…but I have to find peace knowing you will never feel pain ever again…and that hand from Grandma and Grandpa has to be the best thing in the world. ?

It’s okay to go home Uncle Gary. You can rest high too.

Gary Delbert Hutzel memorial photo. Created by Jenna Goodwin.

In Memory of Gary D. Hutzel

Gary Delbert Hutzel, 50, of Des Moines, IA left this world on November 29, 2020 after a short battle with lung cancer to rejoin his parents in a beautiful place called Heaven where he will no longer feel any pain. He fought with valor until his God called him home.

Born to Gary Lee and Dixie Lee Hutzel on July 21, 1970, he was welcomed into a family of six big sisters who loved and adored their baby brother. He was raised on the eastside of Des Moines until moving with his parents to Granger where he later graduated from Woodward Granger High School in 1988. During his lifetime, he enjoyed trips to Las Vegas and Hawaii and going to the Indy 500 with his dad and Uncle Joe.

Gary was a mechanic and jack of all trades when it came to fixing things. If you gave him a project to work on, he wouldn’t give up until he got it right! With a few choice curse words, of course! His biggest joys in life were being a father, fishing, his beloved pets and playing jokes on the ones he loved. He always loved a good laugh and his family most of all. We will greatly miss his enormous heart, his laugh and his beautiful smile.

He is survived by his sisters: Dixie Moll, Tammie Wood and Debbie Harrison, all of Des Moines, Jeannie Pederson of Madrid, Vickie Simmons of Indianola and Melanie Current of Pleasant Hill. He also is survived by his son Adam Hutzel of Norwalk, stepson Jonathon Hanson of Des Moines, wife Marisol {Sara} McCallister, his lifelong friend Robert Schneider and many nieces and nephews.

Funeral arrangements are being handled by Hamilton’s Funeral Home, 605 Lyon Street, Des Moines, IA. A cremation will take place at a later date and no services at this time. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the Animal Rescue League of Des Moines.

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