Get Through #MishapMoments with #WalmartNeighborhoodMarket

Get Through #MishapMoments with #WalmartNeighborhoodMarket 1

Potty training. We all experience it as a parent. While I’ve been at this milestone before, my challenge is totally new this time around. Why? I’m potty training twin boys!

As a single mom to these two little guys, I can tell you, we are all learning when it comes to potty training and we’ve definitely had some “Mishap Moments”. When you’re trying to teach a little guy to point it down, be prepared for giggle fits and some “failure to aim”. I’ve been the Mommy in a public restroom trying to grab paper towels as a little boy giggles away *cough, Nathan, cough*

With the help of Walmart Neighborhood Market and Huggies Pull-Ups and GoodNites, potty training is getting easier. While we have gotten pretty consistent at going potty during the day, night time is an expected struggle. With the help of GoodNites, Nathan and Lucas have protection overnight.

As mom, it’s melted my heart seeing the twins’ excitement every time they finish going potty. Their success is a big deal, hitting a developmental milestone we’ve been waiting for 😉 They are so excited to grab GoodNites like a big boy for themselves.



With the help of Walmart Neighborhood Markets, diapering and potty training can be made easy from the get-go. With savings on your favorite HUGGIES, Pull-Ups, and GoodNites, you can grab all your baby supplies, potty prizes, and more!


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