Recycled Glass Jewelry from Bottled Up Designs

Recycled Glass Jewelry from Bottled Up Designs 1

I have always been a person that wears minimal jewelry. From my girls first being too small to understand not to grab to then being unsure of designs I like, I have forgotten how much just that one piece of jewelry can spark an entire conversation.

When I first checked out Bottled Up Designs, I instantly loved the line of jewelry and the unique story behind each piece. As more and more people become interested in how they can help protect the environment, Bottled Up Designs has created a beautiful line of recycled glass jewelry.

Laura Bergman, the artist behind the creations of Bottled Up Designs, has lived in Pennsylvania Amish Country throughout her entire life. After searching through old glass and bottle dumps, she quickly realized the beauty behind even the broken pieces of glass-each piece holding it’s own unique story and history.

Recycled Glass Jewelry from Bottled Up Designs 2As I looked through the jewelry designs, I knew it would be a hard decision but decided upon the Mixed Blues Nugget Necklace. As it states on the website, this piece is created with “rich cobalt from scraps of Noxzema, Milk of Magnesia, or Vicks bottles are fused with nuggets of ice blue from vintage World War II era Mason Jars.”

The color of the glass pieces fused together is such a deep and intense color that when I opened the package, it amazed me. In the first day alone wearing the necklace, three or four people commented on how gorgeous the necklace was. I told them the story behind what I know of the piece and it was fun to share that it wasn’t just some random necklace picked out-it had it’s own story and pieces.

Bottled Up Designs offers designs from ruby glass, depression green glass, willow dishware and so many more that you are sure to find a piece perfect for yourself or for that Christmas gift for the one on your list that seems to have it all.

To learn more about Bottled Designs, follow their updates on Facebook.

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  1. That is really pretty! I LOVE the overall concept and the work is beautiful! Great review!!

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