Encouraging a Child That is Learning How to Read

Encouraging a Child That is Learning How to Read 1

The day that your child learns how to read is a real milestone moment. This is the moment when they enter the wide world of books, learning, and storytelling. Learning how to read is an essential part of every school curriculum and parents are strongly encouraged to make reading together a daily activity. Children that are read to at home have an easier time keeping up with reading lessons in school; this simple activity can really accelerate your child’s education. Of all the books that you might share with your kids, personalized children’s books are likely to be some of their very favorite because they feel a connection to it. You can use these popular books to stimulate an eager reading student, encourage reluctant readers, and to cultivate a love of reading in your household.

Encouraging Eager Readers

Some children need very little encouragement in order to apply their first reading lessons. As soon as they begin to figure out the basics of reading they want to read everything they see. You can encourage the eager reader in your family by giving them a book that is all about them.

Personalized books have many features that make them especially enticing to young children:

 – Beautiful full color illustrations – Every storybook adventure is given numerous full color illustrations. Personalized books are illustrated by the same skilled artists that create other beloved children’s classics. These lively pictures complement the engaging story and will make the words come alive in the reader’s imagination.

 – Sturdy hardcover binding – Each personalized book is given a sturdy hardcover binding. Hardcover books last longer and will endure a much greater degree of use. A stiff cover can also be easier for small hands to grasp.

 – Engaging stories that children can relate to – The stories that surround the unique personal details about your child are interesting and easy for young readers to relate to. Some personalized books feature princesses or pirates while others are about being a good big sister or big brother. Each story is interesting and has a positive message that makes readers feel good.

 – Personal details that children will recognize – Customized children’s books allow parents to select all kinds of details for inclusion in the story. The names of family members and hometowns can be added to the text to create a story that a young reader will instantly feel at home with. Numerous other details, such as hair color and skin tone, can also be added to make the main character instantly recognizable.

Books that Encourage Your Child’s Reading Efforts

Every child learns at a different pace and some take to reading faster than others. You can encourage reluctant readers with the gift of personalized books of their very own. All you have to do is select a book that features a subject they enjoy, add their name and some details about their family, and a brand new book will soon be in your hands. Even hesitant readers will be interested in reading a story that is all about them!

Presenting a child with a story that features names and places that they are already familiar with will make them more inclined to read. The gift of a personalized storybook can be the key that sparks the love of reading in your child.

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