Daydreaming and Everything in between

Daydreaming and Everything in between 1

The other day I found old poems I wrote back in high school. I would always scribble here and there. As I look at them, I remember how much my life has put me through but at the same time, it’s made me who I am today.

I truly am a hopeless romantic. I hope to be “swept off my feet” and shown how much I mean to a person. It’s crazy to think about. I’ve always looked for that person I thought would “rescue” me. Sometimes, I had that person right in front of me and I did everything to destruct it…a person that meant the most to me I pushed away. Do you have that person that “got away”? It’s hard to think about it. It’s hard to question the what if and if things were different.

Sometimes I feel stuck but yet forced to move on. My heart wants to tug me back to “where it belongs” but I think I’m too late. Will you ever get that second chance to make things right? Do you have a lost love?

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  1. No lost loves here. I don’t know if very many people get second chances, some do. Every once in a while you hear something like that happening.

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