Do NOT order from Belle Visage on Facebook! #fraud #scam

Do NOT order from Belle Visage on Facebook! #fraud #scam 1

A few weeks ago, I sent out some friend suggestions after seeing what looked like a cool shop on Facebook. The clothes were amazing, cheap, and just perfect. Well-they truly were TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

I befriended a company on Facebook, Belle Visage (funny I saved the link knowing what the person was about to do after talking to a friend). After me sending the link on to several facebook friends, of course, a friend made an order. When she began asking for updates on where her package of an order close to $80 or more was-she soon received no response and then was BLOCKED on Facebook.

Here is my exact conversation from this “company” to myself-

Is there a way to check statuses of orders? I had a friend that has ordered things after I sent your company page to them and apparently, she was blocked after trying to find out where her items were? I’d like to follow up with this as I have sent several individuals to you as a blogger and would like to follow up to make sure they are taken care of. I’d appreciate a response in knowing what is going on. Thanks!


Hi Jenna,

I want to apologize for the poor customer service your friends have received. I have been away on maternity leave, and my assistant failed to return messages, place correct orders, and ship items to correct places. I had no idea she was blocking people too. I want to thank you for spreading the word about my company. Who’s order are you looking for? I will be happy to check them right now. I actually am in the process of fixing the mess my former assistant has made. I want to assure you that this will never happen again. I have had to come back from my maternity leave early and I will be working alone, to make sure my customers are satisfied 100%. I have lost several customers over the last few weeks, and I have also had to make several refunds as well because of my former assistant. This has turned into an ugly mess. Let me know what orders i need to check, and I will be happy to do so immediately! Thank you so much,
Belle Visage

Megan XXXXXXXX-She says she placed a large order.

Three Days Later-

Hi I was just checking in on this as Megan says she hasn’t received an update yet? I know she was really looking forward to receiving her order and Paypal will not allow her to do anything for 30 days or something.

After no response-I sent my last and final attempt at getting information on my friend Megan’s order.

I am once again sending this asking for an update on Megan XXXX’s order. Since not hearing back anything, I have no choice but to take this as a friend out money and clothing. Please advise on what the status is or I will have no other choice but to go back on my referral of any friends to Belle Visage. I take these things very seriously and the lack of customer service and attempt to make this right leave a nasty taste in my mouth and I have no choice but to update followers.

No response from company but then discovered that I WAS NOW BLOCKED from Belle Visage on Facebook. It is apparent there is no “assistant” blocking customers but is that of her own after stealing people’s money and being fraudulent. Please pass the word on and do not allow any friends to order. I am going to help my friend to follow the appropriate measures to file a claim with Paypal. As for everyone else, feel free to mark the account in whatever way you deem appropriate and send this on to fellow Facebookers. Help make sure know one else has this happen to them.

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  1. yes, it sucks. I luckily was able to contact paypal within the 45 day limit so hopefully I will get reimbursed. There were no rude words exchanged no threats just simple questions as to if my order was shipped. No communication just blocked.

  2. Actually, PayPal requires you to request refund BEFORE it has been 30 days. If you wait 31 days, you’re out of luck.

    Complaints must be filed no later than 30 days from the date of payment. Only one Complaint may be filed per PayPal transaction. PayPal will seek to resolve the complaint within 30 days of the date the complaint is filed, though such time frame may be extended, if appropriate, to accommodate the investigation. This policy applies only to the sale of tangible, physical goods and excludes all other sales and services, pursuant to section 1 above.

    Info here, under the VII. Consumer Protection Programs, section 2, Buyer Complaint Policy. Please tell your friend to report it NOW. Not later.

    (And I’m retweeting.)

  3. How Horrible! If she purchased on a credit card though she can open a dispute to get the charges reversed. I hope this ends well! 🙂

    1. Sorry – just saw the order was purchased through Paypal. But, if she used her credit card to make the purchase via Paypal, then she should be able to file a dispute.

  4. It really sucks when people are dishonest. Hope your friend can get her money back. Has she filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau?

  5. That is so wrong and it angers me that people can get away with scams like that. I hope you friend gets some sort of resolution.

  6. Hi, first time here. Anyway, just wanted to share my experience as a Paypal user that you can actually file a dispute to seek a refund without having to wait for 30 days. I had a similar experience with a site in Australia and got my refund. Good luck to Megan.

  7. I did end up getting my money back. She never even filed a response against the claim I made against her.

  8. I just filed a dispute with paypal as well. I can find no trace of the facebook page anymore.

    1. Candace-Did you try contacting them in anyway? I’m noticing the individuals that started asking questions were in turn blocked.

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