6 Cute Gifts for First Time Moms

funny teddy bear placed on blue surface

Finding the perfect presents for new mothers might seem like a coin toss between purchasing something for her and something for the baby. Even though the latter is great, few things in life are as stressful as the first few months of being a dad.  She’s in unfamiliar terrain, and it might seem not very […]

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Tooth Straightening: Your Questions Answered

woman wearing black sleeveless top

Millions of Americans are on the hunt for achieving the perfect smile. After all, perfectly aligned teeth can not only create a great first impression, but boost your career prospects, maintain excellent oral hygiene, and elevate your self-confidence. The conventional route many people go down to get their teeth straightened is braces. Thankfully, technology has […]

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Amazon Prime Day July 12-13, 2022 #amazonprime

Amazon Prime Day July 12-13, 2022

It’s almost the time of year that Amazon shoppers love most, and Amazon has officially declared July 12-13, 2022 as Amazon Prime Day! If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, you can start the Amazon Prime Free trial. Amazon Prime Day The two-day savings event includes must-have brands such as Beats, Casper, ELEMIS, Levi’s, iRobot, and […]

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How to deal with Machine Embroidery Fonts

macro photo of sewing machine

What are machine embroidery fonts? Machine embroidery fonts are designs that are used with a computerized embroidery machine. They are digitized in one of two ways: stitch file or vector art. Stitch files are designs that were created using stitches. Vector art is a design that is created using mathematical points and curves. Both stitch […]

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Treatment Options for Hip Osteoarthritis

an elderly couple swaying their hips

Hip osteoarthritis is a condition that causes the cartilage that cushions your joints to wear away. This leads to friction, inflammation, and bone damage, which can cause stiffness and pain. When it comes to treatment options, your doctor will usually recommend the best option for you based on the severity of your symptoms, your overall […]

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How to Raise an Optimistic Child

photo of toddler smiling

To surround your child with a world full of wonder, you have to place the foundations for building a happy environment. There are a range of ways parents can facilitate this, both to make a child’s school experience better, and to build a child’s personal skills for use as they grow older. To explore raising […]

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