Bristol Palin Publicly Shaming Unborn Baby. Wait, what?!

Bristol Palin Publicly Shaming Unborn Baby. Wait, what?! 1

Normally I’m not a fan of writing about celebrity “gossip” but as a mother, I just could not sit back with my thoughts on this.

As many have probably seen via social media. Bristol Palin is pregnant.


And rather than show her unborn baby love, her “Pregnancy announcement” came with words literally of “Disappointment”, shame, “not keeping her chin up on this one”.

She is pregnant and already showing animosity and quite honestly, hate, towards her unborn baby. I can not wrap my head around this, no matter what your beliefs. As an individual that claims to be pro-life, she is talking as if she is ready to walk to the next abortion clinic over this “Disappointment”. You are SHAMING YOUR CHILD.

These words will forever be in the public eye. One day, that child will see and know of the words their mother said.

I normally do not go to celebrity pages and say anything but as a Mother, I just had to.

Please don’t go in to this pregnancy with the shame you are showing. Think about that baby and the comments you’ve made of shame and disappointment. LOVE your child. It happened for a reason. Animosity towards your unborn child before it is even born is just heartbreaking to see.

Bristol, this is YOUR child. A part of YOU. You are creating a hostile environment for a child that is not even here. With a mindset as such, how will you treat this child when it is born? Will you continue to show your “disappointment”?

You already are a mother. Your statements were selfish and not thinking of your child in any way.

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  1. I don’t stay up-to-date with celebrity happenings so this is the first I’ve learned of this. I hope she changes her mind soon. That baby deserves her love.

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