Stopain Migraine Topical Pain Relieving Gel #Migraine #MigraineRelief

Stopain Migraine Topical Pain Relieving Gel #Migraine #MigraineRelief 1

It is a scary fact the 36 million Americans suffer from debilitating migraines. One of those Americans is yours truly, and my migraines have been so debilitating they have prevented me from being able to live a “regular” life. Just recently, I started Botox treatments for migraines and I am constantly looking for ways to treat my migraine pain.

With June as Migraine Awareness Month, it’s so important for people to educate themselves about how impacting migraines can be. My ex-husband took several years to learn and become educated with this. Over the course of the last seven to eight years he has bared witness to the extreme extent in which my migraines leave me. I suffer from vision loss (floaters), the inability to rest/sleep due to the constant pain, irritability with those around me, which stems from loud noises, over stimulation from rowdy play, or constant viewing of the television and it being turned up to loud. Other issues I encounter with my migraines are pain behind my eyes and along my temples. I have a slight hearing issue as well, as I zone out and become distant by losing focus on listening to the noises around me. I have even stayed in bed, in a dark room, with an ice pack(or cloth) on my head for days on end. When it becomes the worst, it’s gone as far as needing emergency treatment with IV fluids to try and “reset” my body.

Stopain Migraine Topical Pain Relieving Gel #Migraine #MigraineRelief 2While not always being as debilitating as being unable to sleep for two to three days, I do frequently go without sleep for 24 hours. I find that even with closing my eyes the pain from the migraine is unbearable and it leaves me seeing floaters. I have been consistently looking for relief of my migraines for years and thanks to Stopain Migraine Relief I have found a product the provides great instant relief.

Stopain Migraine has been an amazing product. It is an easy gel/oil product that you can rub on your hands and apply to the back of neck, shoulders and behind ears (reminds me of that migraine pain that goes up to your occipital bone). Within a few minutes of putting Stopain Migraine on I find relief from the pain that tightens your muscles. I would say with me, due to the severity of the migraines I have, it would have around an 80% success rate at stopping, or reducing my migraine symptoms. The ability to apply easily is a big plus for me as well. Unlike pill medications where you can only take a few a day, Stopain Migraine can be applied up to four times daily, without the nasty side effects that cause nausea, drowsiness, etc. I actually am allergic to a popular rescue oral medication so topical relief is a must for me.  The best part is the feeling when Stopain Migraine is put on. It has a slight little tingle, but warms up quickly. It goes on smooth and does not leave a greasy coating that most other gels or oils do.

Now where can you get Stopain Migraine? Walmart is where I plan to continue buying it. And speaking of Walmart, Stopain Migraine is running a giveaway right now to win a free Walmart gift card. Don’t miss out by entering the Stopain Migraine Walmart Gift Card Giveaway.
Stopain Migraine Topical Pain Relieving Gel #Migraine #MigraineRelief 3

You can learn more about Stopain Migraine Topical Pain Relieving Gel on their Stopain Migraine Website, Stopain Facebook Page, How to Apply Stopain Video, and take advantage of the $3 off coupon!

Stopain Migraine is available at Walmart stores and  To learn more about Stopain Migraine, visit and LIKE the brand on Facebook

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a package of Stopain Migraine for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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