Buyer Beware:Do NOT order from Teleflora Flowers

Buyer Beware:Do NOT order from Teleflora Flowers 1

With Mother’s Day coming, I’ve been thinking about getting my Mom flowers. I know it’s a rare thing for her and it would definitely be a surprise. Today I knew she was having a not-so-great day and after looking at Teleflora, I knew I could have flowers delivered the same-day.

It was her day off and I knew she would be outside in her yard so my whole point of ordering was to surprise her being out working in the yard with a delivery coming into her drive. My mom lives out in the country so when someone pulls in to the drive, they are there for a reason.

So I picked out flowers, received a confirmation for delivery TODAY and I waited. I kept sending sporadic text messages to her. Nothing hinting at a delivery. When it hit 5:30, I decided to call her. She finally said to me, “So I have a question, did you order me flowers?” Yay! She got them! Wrong. “Well this, Flowers by Donna Jean or whatever in Woodward called me and asked if they could deliver tomorrow morning.” Ummmmm, Mom they were supposed to be there TODAY. And why on Earth did they call to ask that?

So I decided to call in to Teleflora as simply put, I was heartbroken. These were for Mother’s Day but they were also meant to brighten my Mom’s crummy day. I was greeted by laughter and “Oh.em.gee” to my Mom’s surprise being ruined. Basically, I was only asked if it was fine to deliver tomorrow. No, it was not okay with me. I proceeded to ask for a supervisor.

As I waited for a supervisor to come on the phone, I received a delivery confirmation e-mail. Another problem considering the flowers WERE NOT DELIVERED! The supervisor laughed throughout his conversation with me until I finally had enough and yes, I cried. I didn’t find it very funny that the surprise was ruined and there was apparently no issue with how this was being handled. How do you LAUGH at a customer that is telling you a surprise for their Mother was ruined. Do you NOT have a Mother?

I can’t wait to see what condition my Mom’s flowers will be in…I’m sure I’ll be heartbroken then as well.

The supervisors way to “make it right”? Well, we’ll send an apology note with the flowers and give you 50% off your next floral order. REALLY? What on Earth makes you think I will be ordering from you again with how this situation has been handled.

All I wanted was to bring a smile to my Mother’s face and instead, I can join her in the crummy day. Thanks Teleflora.


Mom received her flowers and let’s just say it added insult to injury. There was no “apology” with my mom’s flowers. The balloon was an I love you Valentine’s type balloon. Seeing the balloon, I asked her if there was any card whatsoever “Just one with my name, address, and phone number on it” So, I asked for Mother’s Day card with a specific personalized message that included “Love, Jenna, Steven, Kelsie, Aubrey, Nathan, and Lucas”. I don’t think an I love you really applies to something from six people. Not happy at all. 

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  1. WOW! This is crazy! I worked for 1800Flowers and that is unacceptable. Deliveries sometimes get changed because of the local florist, but to laugh and not care at all?! That is horrible. So sorry they ruined your moms surprise, that seriously sucks!

  2. I can NOT believe they did this! It is outrageous…I would be furious and you have every right to be super pissed!

  3. Oh my gosh! That is HORRIBLE! I probably would have been yelling at them, I don’t know how you kept your cool. Well, I won’t be buying from Teleflora again. We have had lots of problems with them in the past and really prefer 1-800 Flowers. Teleflora has messed up orders for us in the past and not even delivered. It is just wrong and I am so so sorry that you had to go through this!

  4. This is just awful. When will companies learn that their employees are a reflection of them. They are in essence the company. A supervisor laughing at a customer is unacceptable. I hope something more is done about this.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  5. Oh, Jenna, I’m SO sorry that happened to you. I understand the mixup in calling your mom, but to laugh about it and not even try to understand what happened is terrible!

  6. I’m so angry for you! Wow. Laughing at someone who has a complaint – that’s GREAT customer service (please tell me you got his name!) I can understand sometimes deliveries getting messed up – but why not call you, the person who ordered? And why laugh at you when you call with a valid complaint?

  7. Oh no! That’s horrible! Don’t they realize that most people would like their flowers to be a surprise? Why in the world would they CALL the recipient? I’m sorry it didn’t work out and hopefully the flowers will be pretty! I’m sure your mom will love them when she does finally get them! HUGS!

  8. So sad that the supervisor laughed through this call. Completely ridiculous. I’m ordering flowers for my mom today and will not order through them. Sorry you had to go through this. 🙁

  9. Wow, that’s so incredibly awful. I can’t imagine being laughed at, that would have infuriated me. And they didn’t even make it right, that’s the least they should have done. I’m promoting a giveaway for gift cards to Teleflora and feeling a little iffy about it.

  10. After the SuperBowl, when they ran that big ad with Adriana Lima, I started to hear horror story after horror story about flower orders that went wrong- and horrible customer service.

    THANK you for sharing this. Hopefully others will be spared what you went through.

  11. I’m sorry Jenna 🙁 I can’t believe they laughed at you not once but 2x! I would’ve popped off with a bunch not so nice words and it would’ve gotten ugly. I’m sorry your mom’s surprise was ruined 🙁

  12. Mistakes can happen, but laughing about it and being rude is just not cool. Hopefully upper level management will hear about this and make some ‘corrections.’

  13. Wow talk about crappy service all the way around. I have never ordered through them but will remember what happened to you. Sorry this happened.

  14. really these people have no sense 0f customer service. we ordered flowers for my mother-in-law on friday. We asked the girl if they would be delivered on saturday or we would go to another florist she said they would be delivered on saturday. Well lord and behold she got the address wrong after i repeated it three times if not more. Today is sunday and we are calling telefora we got an operater who also told us they were delivered to the wrong address and that they would deliver them on monday and would give us 50% off why in the world would we want it delivered afer the date. The clerk put us on hold and said she would get us a supervisor we have been on hold for thirty minutes. I will never order from this people this is the second time this has happen to us with telafora shame on me for trying them again.

  15. Oh boy- i hope this doesn’t happen to me- i wish i searched for reviews sooner. I placed my order with them for a flower arrangement earlier for my moms birthday tomorrow- now I’m nervous!

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