Add Mediacom to the list of GREAT customer services.

Add Mediacom to the list of GREAT customer services. 1

Two weeks ago, I decided to add Cinemax channels to our Mediacom Cable package. The minute the Cinemax channels came on-our Video on Demand went off. We called, “Well, there’s no signal coming from your box. We can have a tech come out on the 15th.” Uhhhh two weeks!? I of course said, if it’s going to take that long-how am I expected to pay for something I can not even use?

Today the tech came, “We had a call for an internet being out?” Um…no. Told him what was going on with the box. He brought in a new box. Hooked it up, ran some diagnostics and then said, “Whoever added your Cinemax had to have knocked out your Video on Demand.” He went outside to make a call. He then comes back in “Your box is being reset. It will take up to an hour for it to all re-activate.”

Two hours later? NO Video On Demand.

We call in again. “Well, we’ll have to send a tech out.” HE WAS JUST HERE. First, she said “No signal.” Then it was, “The signals in your area are backed up 30-45 minutes. Okay, well that’s not okay.

So we are still sitting here. No credits. No Video on Demand. Just shitty customer service where everyone tells you something different. Three times, I’ve been told “There’s a note on your account for ______”. Two minutes later, the next person doesn’t know.

Mediacom. Get it together or bye bye to another customer.

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  1. Oh wow. I would be livid! That kind of service really is inexcusable. I really hate being lied to like that by a company that I am PAYING for service. Just fix the damn thing already!

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