Total Gym Total Mom Challenge-Week 2

Total Gym Total Mom Challenge-Week 2 1

Am I weird for saying I’m loving working out? My energy is up for the most part, clothes are starting to go back to loosely fitting (now if I can get back in the original size!), and overall, I’m starting to feel proud.

Now, before I write out my stats, husband and I had a bit of a “DUH JENNA” when thinking holy crap, how is there such a difference? Well, let’s just say Jenna forgot that being a MOM and on your cycle, of course I was going to be wearing a bit more “padding” if you will. So read this as you wish, I sure hope this is the start of something more coming.

  • Bust-36
  • Chest-33 3/4
  • Waist 33 1/2
  • Hips 38 1/2
  • Thighs 23
  • Calves 14 2/3
  • Upper Arm 12 2/3
  • Forearm 9 1/2
  • Weight 156

Week Two Results

  • Bust 36
  • Chest 32 1/2
  • Waist 31 1/2
  • Hips 37 3/4
  • Thighs 22 1/2
  • Calves 14 1/4
  • Upper Arm 12 1/2
  • Forearm 9 1/2
  • Weight 154.3 (YAY!!!!)

My doctor now knows I am working to lose weight. He knows I am frustrated from all the side effects with the meds. I have dealt with trying to find a “way of living” with fibro. My doctor is know keeping track of vitamins I am taking and going to help monitor in case I hit a point where I can’t “pass”.

I did work myself a bit harder this week and did have to go to the chiropractor and take a day off because an area of my trigger points got a bit too tight. Thankfully, I have an awesome chiropractor that helped take care of and stretch the muscle out. I’m hoping the more I work out, the easier this will be and potentially, my muscles will get stronger. I know I need to stay doing whatever my doctor’s tell me so I’m playing it as I go. I understood I needed to take it easier for a day so I did.

Now on to Week 3. Wish me luck I can keep those inches coming!

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