Aubrey’s New Haircut!

Aubrey's New Haircut! 1

I’ve been wanting Aubrey’s haircut for awhile and well, she just doesn’t sit still for Mommy. I was nervous to take her back into a salon as let’s just say, mom gets embarrassed at the screaming. Boy was I impressed with her! She had a few squirm worm moments and fussed at me for a few but she did awesome! My Little Curly Sue! <3
Aubrey's New Haircut! 2Aubrey's New Haircut! 3If you are looking for a fun new do whether it be cut or color, check out Noelle C. at The Head Shop on Welch in Ames (515)292-4655

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  1. You did a great job, what a cutie Aubrey is. She must have sat still because it is hard getting bangs even like that.
    My mom used to use masking or painters tape stuck to the bottom of my bangs to keep mine from moving around. She’d then cut at the top edge of the tape. That way most of the hair was attached to the tape that was going to be thrown in the trash anyways. Sometimes she’d have to catch a few fly-aways that the tape didn’t grab hold of or the scissors didn’t cut.
    She actually did the tape thing around the bottom of the rest of my hair when I wore it short. Not when I wore it long though.

  2. She’s adorable. My daughter has waves in her hair when it is long. When it is cut short, they become loose curls. So cute.

  3. Ahhh…what a cutie! The haircut looks great! Love all those curls. i really need to cut bangs on my daughters hair, but she has the little ringlets and i’m afraid if i cut her hair all the curl will disappear. i guess i’m just not ready for it yet. 🙂

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